"It's just business."
User: Burn
Race: Human, Awakened
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Mastigos/neophyte
Height: 6'
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair / Eye color: black / brown
Ethnicity: Anglo-American
Apparent Age: 20-something
Clothing Style: band shirt & jeans kind of guy, isn't afraid to wear a suit.
Jewelry: both ears have gold hoops, a necklace featuring a small Loupe magnifying device.
Krew is the youngest of seven children. He never really got to know his father, but he remembers that he was a working historian for a large university back east. His mother was also an academic and expected great scholarly endeavors from all of her children.
Krew rebelled at a young age against his elderly mother and his oldest two brothers who attempted to raise him by trying to ignore the society and privilege that expected great things from every member of his family.
He wanted to excel in physical activities and often found himself going to the wrong side of the tracks just to meet with those his family disdained.
He was always rather clever in school, but purposely failed all of his entrance exams for college.
Using some of the money that was left to him by his father upon entering adulthood Krew bought a van and decided to move to the west coast.
Here he wanted to just be known as an everyday smuck. Just an average joe that didn't want to be noticed.
He partnered up with a firm looking to hire people willing to do repossessions when hard times hit the country. He figured that occupation would drive most people away from him, and he soon found that he excelled at the tasks.
He was happy with his life, and then the dreams began.
Soon he was Awakened; an act that just reaffirmed his long standing belief that reality was just a manufactured mess.