User: Ally
Race: Half-Celestial Tiefling
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Rogue Spymaster
A shining, winged creature of unmistakably fiendish and elven heritage, Persistence is at least as strange-looking as the rest of her allies.
Persistence was born to a prostitute named Charity in a slum of the arcane city, her father was a high-ranking elven official who, until recently, she thought to be a deadbeat jerk. She and her sister Fiora both left the city in one way or another--Persistence was thrown out upon being caught trying to pick the lock to her father's quarters (she was, of course, a novice rogue at the time). Beatice found and adopted her, giving her the time to hone her skills as a thief against the demonic invaders.

When Peter asked Persistence to join the party, she was quite reluctant, and she left the party only a short time afterwards, replaced by her sister, who was seeking her.

Persistence was discovered to be on a killing spree with Jitters and Lily, making way for the betrayal and destruction of Tragedy.

The destruction of Tragedy and the rebirth of the guild of smiling masks redeemed Persistence, causing her to take up serving the new queen as her personal Spymaster. She has rejoined the party in the wake of her sister's descent into evil, and seeks to purge this fresh hell from her world.

Aiding her in this endeavor is the fact that she wished for, and was granted, the divine power of good. Ironically, this power came to her from Mephistopheles, who she now seeks to destroy along with her sister and all other evils that plague her world.