Iris Allondo

User: Serya
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Druid/5
She is around 95 pounds and is 16 years of age. Long black hair, just like her mothers, and grey eyes. She has a bubbly personality, but can get serious when she needs to be. Very knowledgeable due to her personal tutors.
Grew up in the Allondo family her entire life. Her mother brought the best of the best tutors to teach her and train her in the art of the druid. She learned how to use a bow from her training and proved she was worthy of such earning a magical bow from her mother. The Allondo family has two twin brothers holding the top of the family, both paladins, a monk brother who is next in line, a cleric older sister, and Abie the heir to the Allondo family but is technically her half brother. He is her sworn protector to those who don't know the family, but she is closest tos him. The family traveled from the top of their world to the bottom to deliver a dragon egg. Now is on a quest to destroy the evil of which the elder elves speak of. (sorry for the lack of writing skill... i am very tired.)
She has an animal companion wolf named Angelo.... yeah minor detail...