William Havoc

User: Pyro
Campaign: The Night Below
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/5
William is a tall, stocky human male in his early 20s. He has shoulder length dark brown hair, green eyes, a square, jutting jaw and a sharp nose. His leftmost incisor tooth is missing and an angry reddish scar runs from the center of his chest over his left shoulder. He generally dresses simply in a brown sleeveless tunic cinched at the waste with a heavy belt, pants, boots and brown leather gauntlets with his bastard sword and scabbard at his side.
Align: C/G

STR 19/15 +3 +7
DEX 13/62 +0 +1 +1
CON 13/73 +1
INT 6/72
WIS 10/70
CHA 12/80
COM 7/72
HON 22/2

HP: 65

AC: 5, 1 against front and flank (shield)

Bastard Sword (2 slots) speed: 1h:1/2h:3 d6/d8/d12 (+1 magic) +5 +10 attacks: 3/2
Great Sword (2 slots) speed: 5 d6-1/d10/3d6 +4 +9 attacks: 3/2

Chainmail AC:5
Medium Shield +1


Brawler 21%
Riding, land based 17%
Rope Use 16%