"Stand back, this is gonna be AWESOME."
User: Nick
Campaign: The Night Below
Race: Pixie-Fairy
Gender: None
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Alteration Specialist (Modifier)/5
Eek would look rather elvish if elves were actually just two feet tall - and, for that matter, if they sported proportional sets of dragonfly wings. This pixie-fairy's skin is fair and tinged slightly orange, its hair is straight, neck-length and a light brown shade, and slightly-curved, tapered antennae arc upward from the inside tip of each eyebrow. It dresses in a set of decent-looking robes, tailored carefully around the wings and cut a little below knee-length to reveal a minimalist's impression of traveling boots. The robes mark their wearer as a magic-user and, while not stylish, the alterations clearly have some functional benefits for a creature that needs to make the occasional take-off or landing.

Further observation discloses a high-pitched but intelligible voice and an excitable, impatient, and occasionally absent-minded demeanor. Eek seems to have an innate ability to remain underfoot without actually getting run over, but like most of its kind prefers to travel airborne. Those with keen eyesight and passing familiarity with magicians' sigils or major guilds recognize the marks of a Modifier-grade Alteration Specialist on the pixie-fairy's robes and personal items.

Eek isn't exactly a politician, but among magic-users it is certainly one of the less reclusive. Rather than the arcane and ancient studies the creature's fellow professionals are known for, it takes a more pragmatic approach to magic. The function, it would say, is more important than understanding every little detail - an attitude that so far been (barely) more helpful than dangerous. Like many of its species, or at least the ones that bards sing of, Eek tends to an enthusiastic and upbeat garrulousness that many listeners find infectious.

While its caster is fragile by most demihuman standards, Eek's particular brand of magic specializes in disabling its opponents. The pixie has only recently discovered direct-damage magic, and is thoroughly excited by it - allies have recently learned to keep their distance from sources of flame, lest they be caught in the blast of a Heat-Seeking Fist of Thunder. Nonetheless, the flashy and almost-whimsical Color Spray remains Eek's tried and true standby, perhaps because it inspired tales of the legendary Spell Bear.
A permanent tan, warm clothing, and a funny accent place this pixie as a native of Kuristan, though that's more an indication of personal preference than lineage given the species' reputation for migration and diversity. The Ast-Thlay family is large and unusually close-knit, for pixies, and while far from wealthy they weren't often forced to scrape for necessities. Eek was quite close with its twin sister, Rozlyn, before leaving home to seek its fortune, and has remarked frequently that it misses her. The now-traveling specialist was apprenticed to a hedge wizard until a few months ago, when it finally earned passing (if slightly low) marks on its Prestidigitator examination. With little practical experience, and a saturated job market for magic-users in the region, Eek set out for the mainland in search of employment. A few abortive attempts at treasure-hunting later, it found itself chartered with the present company of adventurers to provide spell support in combat and public relations the rest of the time.
Alignment: L/G

STR 4/74 -2 -5
DEX 17/78 -3 +3 +4
CON 10/59 0 70% 75% 2/day
INT 13/75 0% mishap
WIS 13/34 5% improve skill
CHA 12/09 Max 5 henchmen
COM 17/64 Automatically Fascinate females w/ WIS <= 8.5, +17% react adj.
HON 44.75 (updated following session 15)

HP: 25/25 (d4, divided by 2)

AC: 3 ranged / 2 melee
(incl. Ring of Protection +2)


Cannot be surprised, telepathy
Turn invisible once/day
Cast Fairy Phantom once/day
Cast Minor Sphere of Perturbation once/day
Woodland Thrall
+2 to hit during flying combat
High COM: Reaction adjustment increased by 17%, Opposite sex automatically under effects analogous to Fascinate spell unless their WIS exceeds 8.5
Acrobatic Skill Suite: +1 melee AC, -5 fall damage
+1 save vs. Alteration spells
-1 to enemies' save vs. Eek's Alteration spells
Emphkrin Tattoo: detect living creature at will
Shunkrin Tattoo: +1 to all saving throws

Riding, Giant Butterfly/Moth
Language: Pixie Fairy
Language: Common
Language: Bird (INT) 24%
Attitude Adjustment (STR+WIS/2) 13%
Leadership, Basic (CHA+WIS/2) 52%
Leadership, Committee (CHA+WIS/2) 13%
Military: Battle Sense (INT+WIS/2) 17%
1 level of instruction/study available; Basic Leadership and Attitude Adjustment eligible

(C) Dibs
(C) Hide
(C) Indian Burn
(C) Unlock
(1) Color Spray
(1) Detect Magic
(1) Fireball Barrage
(1) Gaze Reflection
(1) Identify
(1) Light
(1) Melt
(1) Minor Sphere of Perturbation
(1) Read Magic
(1) Sleep
(1) Write
(2) Anene's Extradimensional Mallet
(2) Heat-Seeking Fist of Thunder
(2) Magic Missile Reflection
(2) Munz's Bolt of Acid
(2) Rope Trick
(2) Stinking Cloud
(2) Tattoo of Shame
(3) Cloudburst
(3) Melf's Acid Arrow
(3) Wraithform

1st level: 5
2nd level: 2
3rd level: 1
Spelljack: 1.5X normal; extra spells must be Alteration, +10% mishap
-15% penalty to learning ability & research: Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Illusion, Evocation
-67% learn chance for learning Abjuration
-78% learn chance for learning Necromancy
Lose 1 pt of honor for attempting to cast Abj, Necro
35% Mishap chance for Abj/Nec spells or items!