Parmon "Longshot" Wright

User: Mike
Race: Wayang
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Dragonrider/4
Parmon Wright had a relatively normal childhood as the only son of a simple carpenter. His mother had died from a fever while he was young and so he only has faint memories of her.

His father taught him the basics of woodworking, and even though he had little interest in his father's craft, he paid attention and picked an amount of his father's skill. However, during most of his childhood, he primarily delivered completed goods, and brought in loads of wood for carving and shaping. Running such errands built up his strength greatly, but his slim, wiry build disguised this strength.

As he grew older, he eventually mastered the techniques of woodcarving, but his father found that Parmon just simply couldn't grasp the artistic side of making furniture or other household goods. Generally he ended up making very strong, functional, and even comfortable pieces, but they all ended up looking crude and unfinished, which tended to make them hard to sell. The only woodworking that Parmon truly excelled at was carving bows. The bows he crafted were exquisitely refined, perfectly balanced, and had the perfect draw for each customer.

As a young teenager, he spent almost as much time practicing with his bows as carving them. He became a solid archer over time and due to his impressive strength, he could easily draw the stiffest bows and make shots at distances that would have been impossible for all but the greatest archers in the city watch. The accuracy with which he could make these incredible long distance shots earned him the nickname Longshot.

During his fifteenth winter, while delivering a piece of furniture for his father, a fire broke out in his father's shop. His father tried to douse the fire to save his shop and their upstairs home, but the flames overcame him, and sadly he perished in the flames. With no family, no home, and no source of income, Parmon joined the city guard and put his skills with a bow to use, guarding the city walls.

As a member of the guard, he led a fairly uneventful life. While he wasn't terribly driven to advance his rank, he was diligent in his duties and followed orders without question and his superiors rewarded him with several promotions. Unfortunately, he was never much for leadership and although few archers could out shoot him, his combat skill could only take him so far, so eventually the promotions slowed and finally stopped with him achieving the rank of corporal.

Parmon was perfectly happy with this position as it afforded him a comfortable income. He found a local tavern that offered him a discount on a small room in the back and hot meals every night in exchange for doing small repairs and cleaning up during his off hours.

Between this trade and the wages he earned in the city guard, he managed to save up a little money, so eventually when, he and the tavern keeper's daughter, Sienna, fell for each other, he was able to marry her and buy a small piece of land just outside the city. There, he built them a small house and a workshop and went into business for himself. He began making archery supplies, and based on the recommendations of several of his former fellow wall guards, became one of the main suppliers of archery gear for the city guard.

Almost two years later, they welcomed a beautiful set of twins into the world, a girl followed by a boy. The four of them lived there peacefully for the next four years, until one day, while he was working in his shop, a trio of mekken wandered through the area and stumbled upon his family out in the yard working their family garden.

When Parmon heard the screams of his wife and children, he sprang out of the workshop grabbing his bow donning his quiver in a single fluid motion. He drew and knocked an arrow as he rounded to corner of his home and saw the three mekken, covered in blood, standing over his fallen family.

By the time the first arrow hit the largest mekken square in the chest, another arrow was already on its way to the mekken on his right. The smaller of the wounded mekken turned began running for the nearby woods while the other two turned to face him. Those two never stood a chance and fell before they got halfway to him. The final mekken disappeared into the woods just before the others dropped.

Parmon, ran up to his fallen family only to find that both his children had already succumbed to their injuries and his wife was only able to hold on long enough to whisper that she loved him before the light left her eyes.

After burying his family, Parmon shouldered his bow, quiver, and a small pack and set out after the final mekken of the trio with the intent to deliver just on a swift arrow. Unfortunately, after a half a dozen miles of so, he lost the trail of the mekken, but he continued on, determined to complete his mission at any cost. As he wandered, becoming more and more confused about his destination, he began to consider what he would do once he found the mekken he sought. In doing so, he convinced himself that he could never feel safe as long as a single mekken lived, and so, in time, he would kill every one of them. Only then could he feel at peace.

After nearly a week, he ended up in the Tap Mountains, out of food, low on water, sunburnt during the day, and freezing at night. During a particularly strong downpour one night, just as he had reached the limits of his endurance, a sudden flash of light flared on the valley floor ahead of him, followed quickly by a thunderous blast and a shock wave that knocked him from his feet. Just before he lost consciousness, he managed to roll to his side just enough to see a reddish glow moving toward him from the impact.

When he awoke, he found he was laying under a small rock outcropping, sheltering him from the raging storm, and overall he felt much better. As he raised his head, he found, sitting calmly a few feet away, was a small, coppery colored scaled creature. After studying the creature for a few moments, it greeted him, and asked how he was feeling. After a brief conversation with the creature he found that it was something called a dragon and that it had given him a portion of its life force to save him from his exposure to the elements and then dragged him to this outcropping to ease his recovery. The creature explained that by sharing his life force in this way, the dragon had initiated a bond that could not be severed, save by death. The bond, however, was incomplete. The other half of the bond, had to be reciprocated, willingly by Parmon, and without that, the dragon would perish within a year.

Finding this rather incredulous, Parmon dismissed the claims as pure fantasy for now, and soon concluded the conversation so he could rest the remainder of the night. The next morning, Parmon conversed further with the dragon, but finally decided that he wanted nothing to do with the creature, and set out to finish his quest. The dragon, however, couldn't let him just go like that, and so followed him, much like a loyal dog. Parmon ignored the creature for the most part, but tolerated his presence, especially after the dragon bounded of into a small patch of underbrush and returned with a rabbit, for the pair of them to share for lunch.

After sharing the first warm meal he had in at least a week with the dragon, and discussing the mutual benefits that the bond would provide, Parmon began thinking how this bond could help him in hunting down the mekken he sought. The following morning, when he woke, he agreed to bind himself to the dragon. The dragon sat in front of Parmon and bade him kneel, facing her. The dragon then slowly took Parmon's hand and placed it on her chest, lowered her head, and closed her eyes. Soon, a rich, coppery glow began emanating from Parmon's hand , which slowly spread to the rest of his body. Once he had been fully enveloped, he began to notice that the glow was flowing, almost like a thin layer of water, towards his hand and into the dragon. At the same time, he also began to feel light headed. As the glow flowed into the dragon, it began to dim and he felt as if every ounce of strength was draining out of his body through his hand. Beginning to feel that perhaps, this process wasn't what the dragon had described and might actually kill him instead, Parmon tried to pull away but the dragon's grip couldn't be broken, and combined with his sudden lack of strength, he couldn't do anything to fight it.

Parmon, helpless to do anything else, watched as the glow surrounding him flowed and dimmed steadily as his strength ebbed and just when he thought he was about to lose consciousness, there was a strange, massive thump and he felt his strength return to him in a rush. The suddenness of the change caused him to fall backward for a moment, and as he sat back up, he noticed that somehow he seemed stronger, in body as well as mind, than before the ritual. His eyes slowly raised to see the dragon in front of him. Before the ritual, she was nearly the same size as an average dog, but now that the ritual was complete, he saw she had grown drastically in size. He stood up and found that she now stood slightly taller than eye to eye with him. She spread her wings, stretching them and letting them soak in the sun for a moment, admiring their coppery sheen as the light played across them. She then folded them once again, turned and looked him in the eye, and then simply said "Breen".

Parmon responded with a confused look and she explained, "Breen, it's my name". After the introduction, she invited him to climb onto her back, and she took off, soaring through the crisp mountain air. After several minutes of pure exhilaration on the part of both Parmon and Breen, she slowed her glide and told Parmon that she saw a small band of mekken in the pass below. After briefly discussing a plan of attack, the two swooped in and made quick work of them. After inspecting the bodies, Parmon found that the mekken he sought wasn't among them.

They soon took to the air again and found several more mekkens, both solo and in groups in the mountains and quickly dispatched them, without a second thought, but again the mekken that had slaughtered his family was not among them. They continued the search over then next few weeks, getting used to and learning about each other.

After nearly a week of this, Parmon had Breen take him back to the city to see if he could find any additional information about the mekken he hunted. Parmon dismounted in the woods near, but out of sight of the city. After speaking to several of his friends that remained in the city guard with no luck, he headed for the Maverick Hunter HQ, in hopes of a lead.

While they had no leads about this particular mekken, they promised they would keep an eye out for them. While speaking with the Mekken Hunters, he began talking with them and after hearing more about their mission, and receiving an invitation, Parmon agreed to join their ranks.

Parmon and Breen spent the next few years hunting the countryside, taking out mekkens of all types, but since her kind was unknown in this area, they were always careful to keep Breen out sight of everyone except for the mekkens they hunted.