Sir Lucien Lannister

"Judgement in the face of depravity."
User: Greg
Campaign: Serpent Skull
Race: Human (Chelaxian)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Magus/6
A tall, broad shouldered man in the uniform of the Hellknight Order of the Gate. When out of his armor, it becomes apparent that Sir Lucien is an albino, with milk skin and hair, as well as red eyes. He wears his hair with closely cropped bangs and sides, allowing it grow out only in the back, where it is gathered into a tight ponytail at the nape of the neck. His mouth is often set in a frown or, if he is amused, a smirk, but rarely a true smile.
A member of minor noble house in Cheliax, Lucien was raised to respect order and authority above all things. Perhaps unsurprisingly, when the time came for him to enter a profession, Lucine choose to join the Hellknights, where he could help instill those ideals in others. After discovering a talent for both swordplay and magic, Lucien was sent to the Citadel Enferac to be trained as a Magus, and there joined the Order of the Gate as a Signifer, the title given to Hellknight spellcasters. Recently he has been sent to retrieve a runaway cadet. Unfortunately, said cadet had died on Smugglers Shiv, as he found out from a gnomish bard. Unwilling to return without something to show for the journey, Lucien has agreed to help the gnome, a member of the Pathfinder Society, to re-discover a lost city, returning order and civilization to a part of the world sore in need of them.
Very formal and by the book
Values efficiency and practicality, especially in battle
Has a dark sense of humor. "Gallows Humor"
Does believe in justice, and inclined to take moral actions, provided they do not overly interfere with the mission or promote chaos