Sheldor The Barbarian

"Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot... of your face?"
User: Sheldon
Campaign: MSO
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Barbarian
450 lbs
36 years of age
I never trained in a military academy or participated in a military company. I wasn't an apprentice to a master thief or a squire to a noble knight. No famous hero took me under his wing. Everything I know, I learned on my own. I dueled my friends for practice, and I watched soldiers from afar, so when the goblin throngs swarmed your hamlet, I was ready. I rallied other young men and women behind me and rounded up weapons to mount a defense. I repelled the creatures, and my efforts attracted the attention of a local lord. The lord offered me the opportunity to receive proper martial training, and I accepted, beginning my life as a warrior.