Robindar Corvan

"Thaumaturgy is a lot like milking a cow, both work best with a skilled hand and an unskilled subject."
User: Arris
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard/1
Robie is a quite handsome 19 year old human. His hair is a dark brown, and his face is just showing signs of a beard, showing that he has yet to begin shaving. His body is very well toned, but he tends to dress in loose fitting common garb that hides his physique. He has began to carry a small dagger with him, especially after noticing strange cloaked figures that seem to have taken an interest in him.
Robindar Corvan spent the majority of his life doing exactly what he thought he would be doing; tending to his family farm with his mother Briella and his father Tragor. His birth was said to be traumatic for his mother, and since she has been unable to give birth again. His lack of siblings on a large farm worried his father, but by his 10th birthday, Robie was strong enough to do most every chore his father could, and between them they managed to live comfortably, selling their surplus to the surrounding cities a few times a year.

Robie was always a very bright lad as well, and would take any chance that he could to visit the city. He loved the days his father would send him on an errand into town that he would finish early so that he could explore the city until nightfall. Although he dreamed of what it would be like to live in one of the large stone estates, complete with guards and servants, he always felt that his home was outside of its walls, and never truly wanted a life of such luxury (and complication).

Robie has always been very good friends with his neighbors, and small clan of Hobbits known as the Hefingborrs. Obid Hefingborr was the youngest of the clan, and only a few years older than Robie. Robie and Obid were always the best of friends, with Robie learning histories and sciences from the Hefingborrs while Obid learned to sew and weave from the Corvans. The Hefingborrs were a very learned family, and would often invite Robie over for evenings of readings and storytelling. Robie learned to read from the Hefingborrs, and picked up a vast array of knowledge from their libraries and tales.

Robie’s life changed shortly after his 13th birthday, when he ran out to the barn to chase away what he thought was a wolf or perhaps kobold. Throwing the door to the barn open, he was greeted not by a kobold, but by an elf in heavy robes carrying a gnarled walking stick. The elf spoke to him, asking if he was indeed Robindar Corvan, and then proceeding to assure the boy that he was here not as a robber, but as a friend. The elf spoke to Robie of the wonders of magic, and the fact that he had seen this mystical spark within him. Robie left that night puzzled, but choose to keep his visit a secret from his parents while he sorted out what really happened in the barn.

A few days later Robie’s farm was visited by a traveler, offering gold for a good place to stay for a few nights while he tended to a nasty cut that he suffered on the road when he was thrown from his wagon after it split a wheel. Robie immediately knew the traveler was the same person that he met in the barn, but now the man looked to be a middle aged human. The traveler stayed with the Corvans for a few days, asking many questions of their family and son, always remaining polite and courteous. On the last day of his stay he spoke to Robie in private, telling him that he wished to pass on his knowledge of all things magical if Robie was accepting of his tutelage. Robie of course accepted, and for the next few years met with his tutor many times every week, each time his tutor taking a different shape of man or beast.

Robie burned the proverbial candle at both ends for nearly 5 years, working the fields during the day and studying at night. He told his father that he was studying books that he had borrowed from the Hefingborrs, or that he was going to visit friends ‘across the hill’ when he would miss supper. Robie’s father was no idiot, and after about a year of Robie’s sudden interest in books and studying, finally forced Robie to admit to what he was doing. Robie showed his father how he could conjure light or make objects float across the room, and braced for his father’s wrath. That wrath never came however, as his father was more proud of his son for being able to harness magic than he ever could have been with him herding cattle. His father knew that he could not offer him much of a life outside of the farm, but with the boy’s special abilities, he could do whatever he wanted.

Robie never mentioned his tutor to his family, saying instead that he was learning from the tomes that he brought home or the visits he would pay to the neighboring cities. As his power grew, he was able to manage his time even better, eventually blending his magical practice with his farmwork, cutting a full day’s work down to a couple of hours.

By the time he was 18 he had become infatuated with joining the Esoteric Order of Aureon, and was devastated when he was completely shunned by the organization due to his lack of pedigree and formal training. The older he became the less he saw his tutor, and now it is common for months to pass without any word. Robie has become a bit worried that his training will come to an end due to a lack of tutor or ability to gain formal training, so that is one of the major reasons he is willing to make his way out in the world.

Unfortunately it seems the world has noticed him as well, and someone doesn’t like the direction that Robie is pursuing. For the past year he’s noticed certain shady characters that have taken an interest to him. It is not uncommon for his trips to town to be cut short due to seeing the same robed man two or three times, and getting the feeling that he is up to no good. Once, Robie confronted one of the cloaked men, but they seemed to be trained in the magical arts as well and disabled Robie long enough to make a clean escape. Robie believes that these men are part of the Esoteric Order, working to rid the world of wizards that have not received the proper trainings, and therefore are considered dangers to society.
Robie's biggest fear is that he's made a mistake with the direction his life has gone. His parents and friends have supported his decision to become a scholar and mage, but inside he's worried that it was too impulsive. If he's not able to get into a guild and not able to further his studies, then he fears he'll end up being some hedge wizard making illusionary flumphs at the neighborhood kids' birthday parties.

Hmm, what Robie enjoys most of all is a difficult question. The past 4 years have been such a blur for him, he hasn't really had much chance to step back and enjoy anything.

In a year's time, Robie would like to be in some formal college or guild. He hasn't the money or the pedigree, so each day he gets more worried that won't be the case.

Robie trusts his parents and his friends pretty much completely. He's still building that trust up with the party, but until someone proves to him otherwise, he's willing to believe that everyone in the party can be trusted for everything but his most closely guarded secrets.

Robie nor his parents were directly involved with the war. I don't believe that any major battles made it to flamekeep, so everything he's heard would have been stories from others.

I'd think that other peoples' reaction to Robie is kinda like he won the class award for Most Likely to Succeed. People kinda know that he's destined for a bit more than being a farmhand. Although they may not know where he's going to end up, they know that he wouldn't be happy just to sit around in one place all of his life and live the typical rural lifestyle.