User: Bennett
Race: WarFordged
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter
What does your character fear?
Being alone and immobile.

What does your character enjoy most of all?
Being around those that accept him as a living being.

Where does your PC want to be in a years time?
On my way to or in the Mornland.

Whom do you trust the most and why?
Cerrik, He has treated me more like a living being for the time I’ve been aware.

What is something you admire about the other party members?
There resolve and dedication to the group.

What is your plan for the future?
To make a pilgrimage to the Mornland.

What did your charcter do in the war?
Only have flashbacks of the war. I only remember rushing into different battles and the battles themselves. I don’t really remember who I was fighting or on what side.

How was your family effected by the war?
Kinda feel a loss at the other warforge. Had a vague feeling they were family.

Also what makes your character special other than his class/social status. What is it about him that people marvel at...so as to mean what are your best assets that make you a destined hero bound for greatness??? I’d say it would be my combat abilities and my loyality to the group. Also for the view of from the others I have a near child like view of the world.