Darvul Mirone

""Don't be a complete Flamer.""
User: Ray
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cleric/1

Darvul is a handsome young man. Short Brown hair and bright Green eyes. He is very well liked and if you don't like him immediately, give it a minute and you will warm up to him. Always well dressed and neat he obviously is well learned and comes from upper class as his clothes are good quality, but simple. He sometimes wears appropiate dress of the Church of the Silverflame for festivals and weekly sermons, but is not comfortable in them and prefers the common Grey/Silver robes of his adept days as a young minister. Standing just under 6 ft. tall and of average build it would be hard to pick him out of a line up except for his extremly good looks and piercig eyes. Though he is wholesome to look at Darvul carries himself very plain and blends in with others easily.
Darvul has spent most of his life at the Church since an early age. He knows very little of his birth parents and has always assumed they are deceased, due to the way the Church handles his affairs. He has little to worry about and is in realtive comfort in the service of the Silverflame. Being quite thankful for his blessed life and the warmth the other church "brothers" and "sisters" give him however, Darvul can't help but feel lonley and disattached due to his orphanage and longs to learn more about his lost family.
Growing up in the Church of the Silverflame Darvul is a steadfast believer in the entity of Tira Miron and the bind placed on the "Demon" at Flamekeep and has sworn his life in the service of the Church and it's Keeper. However his nature is not one of harshness and he also has a reverence for the Servant Host. He understands that the Flame is not the only one true way and that even Tira was once a follower Dol Arrah, so revearing the Host is an understandable outlook and tolerant. He is not the common or 70% follower of the "True" way mentality and serves the Ministry in a more passive fashion. Sometimes even admistering to non-humans, of the area, and going great lengths to make sure they are looked after, or Servant Host citizens that are rarely given lee way to worship. Darvul currently serves a small population under the tuteledge of a Preist, Paschal Durn, near Bowsip on the North Road within view of the Face of Tira. The town is failry large and the Priest is rather harsh. Darvul stands out in contrast to his appointed master and many local denziens prefer Darvuls nature to Paschals. A fact the Priest harbors against him and continues to report to the Bishop about Dar's insubordination. It does no good however as Darvul has friends in high places and Bishop Dravvo, the Sentinel of Flamekeep, keeps close tabs on his life and often stands up in behalf of the young adepts temperment.
One strange thing about Dar is his birthmark. It is on his left shoulder blade and is larger than normal. (about 3" x 3") Sometimes the mark is painfull, to the touch, and makes it difficult to rest or sleep. All members, of the Church, feel it is a Dragonmark that is slowly materializing, but so far no tests have revealed anything true about it's nature. Since Darvuls parents origins are a mystery it is unclear what this may mean, but on occassion he is seen wincing in pain and must take rest till it subsides. It is rumored this is why he is closely guarded by the Church and looked after. Something all of his colleauges take note too. Some members are allied about it and some are opposed to the mystery.
Also Dar was given, on his right of passage, (18 years old) a suit of chain armor and a long sword. Both of very high quality. Both of these items were marked by the house of Cannith, but who commissioned them is unknown. It is apparent that Darvuls ancestors were important, but on what scale is not documented. Either because it is unclear or scrutinized on purpose is not discussed by regular clergy.

Str 10 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 11 Wis 17 Cha 17