User: James
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Ranger/1
Hawke is a family name for one of the noble houses standing in the heirarchy of Thrane and the area surrounding Flame Keep. The family was a middling house in the scheme of things not holding to much sway but were not unknown either. Their youngest son was born during the midst of a thunderous rain storm and in the middle of the night which some would whisper was an ill omen but not to the happy parents. They named him Dareus which was a name that very few would ever know in the future. He was the youngest and the last of 4 brothers who were to be born to the proud parents. He also had two sisters who were the apple of their mothers eye.
Dareus grew up like most noble born males in Thrane hearing much about the church and how one might go about serving them if they were pious enough or were lucky enough to get chosen to serve the Flame. All of his brothers had left the family to attend the schools held by the church and all of them had returned home but the brother who was born before him. Decado had actually joing the church proper becoming one of their up and coming young paladins. Dareus attended the church's schools but well in the end the life of being in service to the Flame did not appeal to him. He was to much of a free spirit instead he preferred to slip away from the classes to roam the countryside often by himself and not coming back to the church for days at a time. It was on one of those trips that he met an old ranger who had retired into the area's of the forests that the young man roamed. The man's name was Grant and he saw in the young man a kindred spirit. Taking him under his wing he began to teach the boy the way of the woodsman. It was under the tutelage of the old man that Dareus began to really feel at home away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in the quite and solitude of the woods. He left the church without ever sending a letter to his family moving instead into the forests to devote himself full time to being a woodsman. He never really looked back expecting that one day he would be able to explain things to his father and suffer the consequences. What he did not count on was one day returning to the home of Grant to find the old man killed and the hut aflame. The tracks were of men which would lead him back to the city of Flame Keep before he lost the trail in the city though he had his theories about whom had sent the men when he found out that his Father had died in the night and his oldest brother had taken over their house. Cervil was his oldest brother who had never really taken a liking to his youngest brother and the attention their father had heaped on Dareus.
He left the city immediately leaving to travel the short distances to his family's holdings to confront of his brother who would of course claim innocence. Though Dareus was not convinced going so far as to strike his brother in the jaw with a right hand. With his Father dead and his brother now in control he was counseled by his remaining brothers to leave the family lands and to not return for some time till Cervil could calm himself. Leaving his family behind Hawke as he would begin to call himself would take to the wilds roaming the countryside always on the lookout for any hint or clue that would lead him to the identities of the raiders who killed his mentor.
What does your character fear? The loss of my family on a permanent basis. We might be out of touch with one another now and there is strong feelings on both sides but it is something that can be mended with time... maybe. What does your character enjoy most of all? Time spent with his friends or out on the hunt. Where does your PC want to be in a years time? Back on good terms with his family. Though if that does not work out then perhaps he will move to Axelguard to live with his aunt. He might even take over his mentor's lands as his own and begin to patrol those. Whom do you trust the most and why? Aunt Hariel because she reminds me so much of his father as well as his friends. What is something you admire about the other party members? Robie I respect the way he goes our of his way to take care of his family though he could have left to join a mages college he stayed to help them. Darvul I respect his dedication and belief in his faith. He stands firm in his beliefs even in the face of so many telling him to change. 33 - What else can you say about 33 than he is a power house in any combat but I also admire his naive outtake on things. I really wish I was less cynical from time to time about people. Cerrick - His way of handling himself is something to admire. He seems to be able to sneak in or talk himself our of any situation which is a skill i never learned. What is your plan for the future? Reconciliation with my family is the long term plan but in the short term I want to see where everyone else's letters lead them before I decide if I want to get involved any deeper with the church. What did your charcter do in the war? Hawke would have served as a military scout for the forces of Thrane. How was your family effected by the war? As one of the noble class it was financially draining on my family. I believe it was the stress of this that caused my father to pass so early. Also what makes your character special other than his class/social status. What is it about him that people marvel at...so as to mean what are your best assets that make you a destined hero bound for greatness??? That's a hard question to answe as it's easier to talk about the assets of others but I would think it's my willingness to see things through to their end even through adversity.