""Let them feel you before they see you.""
User: Rhone
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Ranger/1
Calimahir is of average height for a human, with a weathered face to go along with his rugged looks. He has dark hair, that is usually tied behind his head. His eyes are unusually gray in color with a slight blue tint.
Calimahir is the ranger's son of a ranger's son. He grew up quickly learning the art of the bow and the hunt. He was taught the art of the dagger and sword defense, and the art of stealth has ever been Calimahir's forte.

Calimahir's father served under (insert king name here) for over twenty years before he was injured in battle and was forced to resign his position. Calimahir had fallen under the tutelage of another Ranger while Calimahir's father was away. After his father's injury Calimahir took his place.

Calimahir is leveled headed and patient. He has spent weeks on end tracking his target, waiting for the right time to bring justice upon them.