User: Ally
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class: Avenging Druid 3/Fighter 1
A Tiefling on a quest to find and save her sister from dark forces, and to fulfill her role as a druidic avenger and destroy the demons threatening her mentors.
Growing up, Fiora became a sellsword to people needing protection from rivals. After her sister left the city, Fiora jumped on the first chance to work for somebody with clearance to leave, and deserted her client. Following the hoofprints of her sister (tieflings aren't hard to track when they're not trying to stay hidden), Fiora ran straight into a demonic siege, and was rescued by a woman named Beatrice.

She learned that Persistence had chosen a concept-name (Fiora has yet to do this, signalling her spiritual childhood is not yet over). Persistence had helped to fight off the original commander of the demons, but the demons had chosen to replace him with a far more dangerous and ruthless individual. Fiora, who only had the martial skill to take on the smallest of demons, trained with the Druids, and her ferocity beyond her stature made the Wolverine an obvious choice as her totem animal. Fiora's frustration at being confined by the demon siege came to a breaking point and, in a furious rage, she cut through the blockade, swearing to bring help once she found her sister's party.

Although she has not found her sister, Fiora intends to make good on her promise and break the demon blockade with Rahde, Morwyn, and their other new companion. And so, they are off to Gale Wood Grove.