"Who, me?"
User: Julia
Campaign: Fallen Lands
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Thief/5
5' tall, short (although at the moment 8" longer) and wavy dark brown hair. Petite and perky....
Oldest of 13 children (all named after sewing terminology) born to a poor seamstress, father(s) never part of their lives. Thimble grew up learning how to take care of and fend for herself. She was quick and dextrous with her hands and on her feet, and whenever she was caught in something shady, more often than not she could talk or otherwise charm herself out of trouble.

She doesn't see a reason to join a guild of thieves: as she is self-taught, she doesn't feel obligated to be part of a structured organization. She's very much interested in self-preservation, so true neutral seems to be her alignment. Laws are something that might get in the way sometime, but what's wrong with a little challenge? She has been faithful to previous groups that she's joined along the way, but only so far as it doesn't infringe on her own personal safety or well-being.

Prefers to see life on the edges instead of in the center of the action. Hasn't had any contact with her siblings since leaving home, I'm guessing around the age of 13. (I'm picturing her in her early 30s.) Thimble delights in the challenge and execution, not so much in the gold. Hence, she's not a rich thief. Thrill is good. Still alive and out of jail at the end of the day is better. A good meal, interesting conversation, clean bed, and coins jingling in the pouch is icing on the cake.
+10% experience