User: Amanda
Campaign: Fallen Lands
Race: Snow Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Magic User/1
Ithealwa, born in the purest snow that had ever blanketed his world and named accordingly, has milky skin that glistens in the light of day as would a snow flake. To any other species, this 75 year old lad looks nothing short of majestic, standing 6’7”, with a fiercely chiseled jaw line, and shimmering silver hair angled around his perfect cheek bones , but to his own kind, he is a royal misfit. Behind his icy blue eyes surrounded by long thick lashes, kindness warms all who happen to lock his stare. Sadly, insecurity enslaves his gaze forcing his eyes to move sheepishly away from another’s. His plump, slightly blue, heart shaped lips add to his exoticism, and the perfectly set pearls they cover mesmerize all who make him smile.

Ithealwa drapes himself with a long, heavy cloak made from a rare white bear, and treks in pure white snow bunny boots. His staff looks as if it is made of ice, with beautiful saphires, and blue diamond snow flakes.

If one looks closely, they may notice his nimble hands are neatly manicured and certainly not those of a man who has ever needed to carry his own fire wood.
Ithealwa speaks Common, Elven, Celestial, Sylvan, Draconic,and Ignan.

His spell book contains:

Cantrips: chill, clean, dampen, dry, freshen, gather, shine, spice, sprout, sweeten, tie, warm, wrap, stitch, color, dusty, knot, untie, spill, tangle, wilt, sour, change, distract, hide, present, giggle, nod, yawn, scratch, wink, bug, blue light, mouse, fire finger and unlock.

First level spells: All first level spells listed in complete rules.