"Invictus Maneo"
User: Batman
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter/1
Slàirockie is an easy-going young man of about 19. He's 5' 11" tall and about 190 pounds. He's not overweight -- he's simply stacked with muscle.

He has thick and often tangled red hair and long, bushy beard. He braids hanks of his hair to keep it out of his face and lengths of his beard with bits of carved bone at the end of these braids. Beneath this tangle of hair, his face is broad and his eyes are green and glinting with a general good nature.

Though he's not stupid, he's often assumed to be due to his relaxed nature, unkempt appearance, and his clear fondness for strong spirits. Though he is often regarded as a bit of a fool, and though he acts as though he doesn't care about much of anything, he's fiercely loyal (once his trust has been gained) and often pays closer attention than the casual observer might believe.
Like many men his age, he is primarily interested in bedding wenches and drinking fine whiskey. The best way to do both is through adventuring (and surviving each adventure in order to tell the tales). If the adventures are spectacular enough, he has found that the women tend to loosen their legs a bit.

Somewhere in between rolling in the sheets with every woman he can lay atop, he's looking for his father, who disappeared. He's not yet found a sign of him, but he'll continue to roll about in every bed he can find and ask every woman he finds in those beds if they happen to know anything about his father. If he can find male drinking partners, then he'll ask them as well.