""In a moment, in a moment! No need to be hasty. No need at all.""
User: Odjit
Race: Eloi'Eloaski
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Mast Mage of the Odjit/Difficult Challenge
Meuw-min is an Eloi'Eloaski, a small creature similar in apperance to a fox and/or raccoon that one day just learned how to walk upright. Oversized tails and ears are not uncommon within their race, often a distinguished mark of beauty, they normally attempt to maintain these features from causing a hinderance in their day-to-day lives.
He is adorned in a simple attire preferring to focus on his magical potential rather than give in to the idealistic throes of grandeour that other mages are known to delve into. He speaks slowly and with patience, and sometimes is misunderstood in converstation when he forgets to remove his favorite pipe from his mouth.
Meuw-min has been aboard the Odjit since before the Odjit was crafted, or so they say. No one really knows why the Eloi'Eloaski is serving the ship, yet as a constant on board mage, none really care. All that is known is that Meuw-min raised an eyebrow when he leared that the aged airship was going to receieve a new captain, Mashai the Damned.