"Those who defile nature answer to her wrath by me!"
User: Joshua
Race: Minotaur
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Warden/1

Goeban stands 7'4 and over 300 lbs. While the first glance of his fierce apperarcnce would be barbarian or bezerker, he eventually conveys the immobility of s stone rather than the fury of a whirlwind.

Goeban [Go-Ban] was born among the general kind of his people...the type that is written to scare human children in bedtime stories.

While not interested in the ruthless destruction whispered about by Baphomet, his constitution was formable enough to make it near impossible for him to be defeated. Soon, his moniker was called "the volcano" amongst the fighters: Long before it will erupt, but impossible to stop once started.

Eventually, his strength was feared enough that an aspiring male seeing him as a threat, atempted to murder him, literally backstabing him. Goeban survived the attack and became fully enraged, killing his attempted murderer in a most brutal and graphic public display of wrath.

The father, seeing this as an opportunity for advancement and power, rallied his folk to enact vigalante "justice" for his son, and Goeban barely escaped alive that day.

Having to fend for himself mostly (even before the riot,) Goeban found the "wilderness" actually more orderly than the home his people lived. For the first time in his life, he witnessed a enviromental peace and serenity he never knew existed before. Yet, his conflict was not external, but internal. For nearly ten months, he struggled with finding a channel for the rage he had to acknowledge trying to control him every moment, and the force of immovable calm; somehow both at concert and conflict within him. But now the power of the world serpent "whispered" to him, and eventually he claimed his balance.
His only way he could think to "repay" such gratitude to nature was to oath his alliegence to defending her right to continue as much as any other "individual" creature.

During his travels throughout the vast realms, he encountered a group of frontierspeople. All people he ever met in a group who were armed (and these were greatly so,) fought him, so he readied himself to show why it is bad to attack "the volcano." Charging, he stopped when the group cheered his rush towards them. Screaming in the beginings of a primal rage, he roared,
"Do you cheer your impending death!?" One of the people stepped forward and responded as bravely, "We welcome you as a fellow alpha, young brother!"
Goeban was surprised. He had seen cowardly underhanded methods to win at all costs, reckless foolish attacks based on people too foolhardy to fight well, and even fanatical sacrifice to delay an enemy while others fled or got others to group attack in superior numbvers. But never was he actually encourged to fight for the sake of strength. Not fully understanding but trusting his insticts, Goeban stood his ground, but did not attack these strange beings.

That day, Goeban met his brothers. Not of blood, but of heart. They taught him of strength used for respect and convictions. Eventually, not only did he join the brothhood of the Iron Wolves, but pledged worship to the diety Grumbar, also a Primordial ally of Earth.

Eventually, Goeban and a few others of the clan established trade with the Ramekho of the "Windrise Ports" borderlands. While he was not always interested in the material goods, the traders and "specialists" who liked the anominity there exchanged certain "teachings" along with gold and gem. With several of their teachings throughout the years, Goeban learned from others of the less "reputable" paths, how one could influence people when brute strength alone does not work. Goeban learned how to intimidate very, very well.
But eventually when he got used to the pattern of the life he had slowly hewn for himself, it happened. The event that made him what the rest of the world would call an "Adventurer...."