Apep Sirrush

"You never truely know something unless it's been in your mouth"
User: Daniel
Campaign: KERYL
Race: Reptyl
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Sorceror/1
Strength 18 +3 Primary
Dexterity 10 +0 Secondary
Constitution 13 +1 Secondary
Intelligence 12 +0 Secondary
Wisdom 12 +0 Secondary
Charisma 17 +2 Primary

Base Attack Bonus +0

Height 6'3"
Weight 195lbs
Age 45


Level 0;
Dancing Lights
Mage Hand

Level 1;
Veridian Cloud

I was laid in a strange egg tainted green I was told, when I hatched in a glorious explosion of gas so I was told. As I grew I started being tainted green and my body has started to deform from what I'm told is the normal for a Reptyl of my tribe to look. When I reached maturity I became a pariah of my town, so I was told. Not being able to take the ridicule, I became a soul in search of answers. Trying to find why I am different to the rest of my tribe, I was told by the tribe elder that I was graced with the power of a Dragon being able to summon their strength at a whim. However I knew I wouldn't find any more information from my tribe, even from my mother.

Many years of travelling have passed and I have ended up in the town of "wherever we are"
Staff (Can't remember what spells it had)
Morning Star
Light Crossbow
4 Days Rations
Water Skin