"It is friend."
User: Senia
Race: Friend
Gender: None
Role: Other
Class: Friend?
Friend is an amorphous humanoid figure, that appears either solid white or translucent. When solid white Friend appears to have three indents placed to indicate two eyes and a mouth. When translucent it can be seen that friend has a black duodecahedron inside of its head. Inside its abdomen any creatures it has recently eaten can be seen as they are digested.

Friend's body defies conventional shapes and constrictions of the flesh. Friend easily changes shape in a number of horrifying ways.

Despite it's off putting demeanor, friend is very friendly and seems to lack comprehension of social interaction. It considers itself to be undesirable for some inexplicable reason and often looks to other creatures to validate it's own worth.
Friend remembers that it was once something else, however it is unsure of what it was. It is currently under the impression it was once a female identified tiefling, and had some sort of intimate relationship with Shaelen.