"We are all equal in His eyes, effendi."
User: Perry
Campaign: Blood and Steel
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cleric/4
Mick is a Cleric of Arigon who considers slavery in all forms to be an affront to his deity. He feels that the Elven Kingdoms must be cast down for allowing slavery to persist in their realms, and as such does everything that he can to hamper the activities of the Elven Kingdoms and those whom he feels represent them or who conduct business with them. He was spotted trying to set fire to an opium shipment from the Elven Kingdoms that was being seen back to Carr McArtan by Aleron, and thus, finds himself in the castle dungeons.

He will speak to anyone willing to listen about the word of Arigon, and does not seem to speak or conduct himself any differently, whether he is speaking to the lord of the castle or the prisoner in the cell next to him. Mick's favorite line from scripture is about how "all are equal in the end in the eyes of Arigon."

This line also says a great deal about how Mick conducts himself. He takes this line to the utmost extreme by filtering the world down into some kind of Ayn Rand-ian distopia where there is not a distinction between individuals. He has lived this philosophy so long, in fact that he tends to get confused when it is challenged.

Mick prefers to go by "healer" as it conveys his abilities rather than station. Only if pressed on the issue does he reveal his given name, "Mick." He feels that it is a slave name, and that names are not necessary in Arigon's eyes, anyway.
Mick feels that he was chosen by Arigon to free the halfling race from oppressive slavery. While not delusional about the possiblities and likelihoods of his own past, he does not know nor does he wish to know the truth about most of it. He does not know, because Mick has a severe case of amnesia regarding his own life prior to five years ago.

While he must be in his thirties, Mick's first memory is from five years ago. It consists of him waking in a chamber used for baptisms-by-sunlight in a large monastery to Arigon in an Elven village near the borders with Callidan and Faulken lands. He searched the grounds for some other sign of life, but was only able to find the dead bodies of the priests that resided there, murdered by a blade that was itself nowhere to be found.

Mick took the amnesia as a sign from Arigon that he would be able to begin anew, took a holy symbol from the body of a priest, and has never looked back since. He prefers not to dwell on the past, so rarely if ever does he revisit his first memories.

Most recently Mick was in charge of a group of halfling "freedom fighters" who, to a man, were all, other than him, just bandits preying on supplies passing between Callidan and the Elven Kingdoms. He was the only true believer in his cause. But he grew tired of only raiding caravans, and decided to burn an opium shipment. For, if there is one thing in the world that Mick takes personal pleasure in, it is arson. His fellow "believers" allow him to be taken hostage. Now he finds himself in a resistance dungeon in the hills, passing the time preaching to his fellow dungeon-mates.