"Everything burns. Everything. "
User: Ktulu
Race: Genasi (fire)
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Favoried Sha'ir/11
A sharply dressed genasi with orange skin and yellow hair. He carries himself with an air of superiority and elitism, traits not uncommon of favored Sha'ir.

His companion, Seizo, is a fiery efreetkin.
In another life, I would have become a great wizard. As a young boy, my affinity for the arcane was widely recognized and I was sought after by the most well-known wizards.

My parents were merchants seeking a way to increase their status. They saw in me a way to make a lot of money and recognition. It was that greed that lead to the meeting of Charrus.

I said my talents were recornized by well-known wizards. Well, that was not limited to those within our lands...or planes. Word reached an Efreet of considerable fortune and power that my parents were searching for an arcane master. Charrus offered his services and laughed when my mother asked for his offer. Charrus enveloped me in a fiery cage and burned their home to the ground.

I spent the first few years acclimating myself to the heat of the city of brass. That was made much easier when Charrus offered me a flame seed; a small fragment of elemental fire. Embedded within me, it burned away any remnant of humanity I once had. My skin boiled and burned, and I learned I could control fire. It was then that he offered me a deal:

...rather than spend your life face down in a book in search of some others' definition of power, work for me. I will grant you lifetimes of wizardly knowledge in exchange for service. For threescore years you will serve me...

In eagerness for knowledge and power, I accepted. I was granted Seizo, an efreetkin, as a companion--or chaperone. I adopted the name "Blaze" and began my service to Charrus.

Today, it has been fifteen years into my sixty year service. Charrus generally abides my travels and adventures, only calling upon me when he sees fit. I don't always agree with his orders, but I fear what may happen were I to disobey.