"Let faith guide my arrow"
User: Daniel
Campaign: BARRA
Race: Arabin
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Fighter
Stands around 5'7" with a medium build, he has brown eyes and the rest of his face remains a mystery and pray that it stays that way, his face is not one simply cast out of ones mind. He also wears a blue turban over his face.
As a teenager Ghazi wandered the desert with his mother and farther, they were outcast from (insert biggest arabim city here) for crimes they didn't commit, looking for a new home they came across a hamlet where they were to rest for the night. During the night something strange happened the night sky was a strange colour red and the wind was perfectly still for but a moment, then the shou attack the hamlet and abducted Ghazi parents while Ghazi fought to the best to his abilities, however it wasn't good enough as he was the last one in the hamlet left alive, but not without a scar Ghazi face was burnt by boiling oil as thus hideously wounded. Ghazi stayed in the hamlet waiting to die until the Elysium came by the hamlet and found him. They recruited him and tattoo'd his right eye due to his finesse with a bow with the symbol of the Elysium. Branded with the memories of his past he vowed to exact his fury against the shou and everything they stand for.
HP: 34
AC: 17

Strength: 16 Primary +2
Dexterity: 17 Primary +2
Constitution: 10 Secondary +0
Intelligence: 11 Secondary +0
Wisdom: 14 Primary +1
Charisma: 9 Secondary +0

Mana: 11

Walk by faith and not by sight
Humbleness is a powerful weapon
Keep your wits as sharp as your weapons

Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 105lbs

Weapon Specialization: Long Bow

Armour: Expert Laminar Leather, 1 EV
Weapon: Composite Longbow 17 Arrows

2 Water Skins
Ioun Stone (+1 AC)

10 Gold
9 Silver

  • Shadow theft (Abandoned) Plus Spacer
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