Lord Rafael Nisley Raudsdale

"Honor is forged in the flames of adversity, not caressed by oiled words."
User: Vriden
Campaign: Heavy Skies
Race: Human (Rykarian)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Bard/Fighter/1/8
Lord Rafael Nisley Raudsdale is the third son of the Earl of Raudsdale. Rafael was studying to be a Bard when tragedy struck his family’s estate. A visiting trio of nobles from Burgöndia uncovered a plot within the King’s court; several houses were implicated in the treason brought to light. His older brothers were both executed and his family lands seized by the Crown. His father, decrepit with failing health and mind, was left with a small holding in one of the valleys in the Scyrthan Mountains, where his brother’s widows and sons removed themselves to.

Rafael is on a crusade to restore his once-proud family name in the Halls of Ryka. The corruption and hypocrisy of the Court, and his own blood-kin, turned his gaze to Nevinor for that opportunity. For the past three years he has labored under his pennance, serving in the border patrols and garrisons of the Sable Seat. In Nevinor, the gossip and intrigue of the King's Court is seen as petty and trivial, the 'knightly pursuits' of those soft nobles protected by Nevinor swords, a jest at Rykerian truths. Rafael's deeds on the battlefield count for far more than the size of his coin-purse in the company of the Steel Brigades of Nevinor.