"They pay you to do the job, they pay me to make sure you don't mess it up."
User: Jason
Gender: Male
Class: Insurance (Warrior)
The last surviving member of Black Razor, an experimental rapid responce unit that failed to meet expectations. He left the [****] military and settled in [****] where he married and had two children. His family were killed in the [****] raid on [****] leaving him with no personal connections. Not long after he took up a security role in a spaceport where he met Keller Jupiter and the two hit it off straight away. Jupiter saw something in Mallorie and the two shared a respect for each others personal trials. It was not long after that he accepted a role as shipboard security on the Shalimar where he has been ever since.
Mallorie stands at 180cm and has a light brown complexion. He has light brown eyes and a lazy countenance.
Backgrounds: Soldier; Commando

Concept: Die Hard 1,2,3 not 4; Commando.

Character: Kinada; Akira. With skills.

Demeanor: Han Solo meets Apollo.
DEX 18*
WIS 18*
CHA 09
STR 14
INT 12
CON 08

Class Level: 4 current HP: 21 Credits: 1500 (Baku)

Background Skills at Character (Warrior) creation
stage one: Soldier Combat/Projectile, Combat/Unarmed, Culture/World, Tactics (0).
stage two: Commando Athletics, Culture/Traveller, Combat/Gunnery, Stealth, Survival, Tactics (1).

Skill Point Xp Awards

L2: 2 spent:perception;exo_suit
L3: 2 spent:combat_primitive;leadership
L4: 2 spent:persuade

Spent Skill points: 0

Current Skill set

Combat/Projectile 0
Combat/Unarmed (Empty Holster) 0
Combat/Gunnery 0
Combat/Primitive Weapons 0

Culture/Traveller 0 max
Culture/World 0
Perception 0
Leadership 0
Persuade 0

Tactics 01
Stealth 0
Survival 0
Athletics 0
Exo Suit 0

Woven Body Armour (400)L1;T3
Revolver (50)L1;T2
Ammunition Revolver 20rounds (10)L1;T2
Translator Torc (200)L1;T4

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