Cal Thornblade

User: Ian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/6
Tough and wirey, Cal is average height and build with ice blue eyes and close cropped brown hair.
He walks lightly on the balls of his feet always appearing ready to move in any direction at a moment's notice.
Cal was born to a prominent and influential family of Haven, his father had risen to Master of the Guard and his Uncle Durmast was a leading member of the town council. Although Cal was one of 5 children he still had everything he could have wanted, and enjoyed playing with his older brother and sisters as well as his younger sister.
That all changed one dark and gloomy night when evil came to visit the town. Dead things crept from their resting places called by some dark malevolent power, raised from mountain, forest or watery grave to do their new masters bidding. Silently they shambled towards the town. The alarm was given too late, the gates breached by some unknown means. Beasts of the night went everywhere loping through the streets killing indiscriminately.
Cal’s father reacted quickly, gathering his guardsmen and leading a charge to secure the gates from the creatures still pouring through them. Cal never saw his father again. Durmast gathered the women and children of the family and many others, leading them to the docks rather than the West gate. His choice proved wise when out of the distance screams started to rise up from the direction of the West gate. Durmast urged everyone he could onto an ore barge which had just come down from the mountains and was due to return in the morning. He waited as long as he could, but in the end they cast off leaving many on the docks, forced to watch as the dark creatures pulled them down one by one.
They sailed downstream and across the lake paddling as hard as they could with anything that came to hand. Recklessly they beached the barge without checking the shore and fled into the night towards away from Haven. Several days later they stumbled into Restharven, exhausted and terrified. When they explained what had happened a dozen guards were sent to investigate and rode towards Haven. One returned 5 days later and on foot, raving and delirious with fever he collapsed and died as he reached the gates.

Cal and his family were housed where there was space in the dwarven quarter, as were the other refugees. Two years later Durmast gathered together the surviving men and older boys who had made it to Hometown, along with a few adventurous types to investigate Haven, in the hope of rebuilding. They were certain the enemy must have returned to their resting places by now. In all 33 left with Durmast. None returned. Among them Cal’s older brother.
Six months after they had left, Cal’s mother caught a fever, she drifted into a delirium that never lifted and passed away two weeks later. Cal and his little sister were fostered by a pair of kind old dwarves and brought up in the traditions of Moradin, though they were also taught to respect all the Gods of good or neutrality. Cal earned his keep from the age of 12 by assisting his foster parents in their forge. He has practiced developing his smith craft by forging many small throwing blades called shuriken. Cal spent much of his spare time with a young half-elf named Galatis and was in awe of his father (Darius), who had spent much of his youth as a caravan guard, and his Elven mother (Jalathis) who had been an acrobat.
Now at the age of 19 Cal is feeling the claustrophobia of being trapped in a walled town. He is desperate to seek his fortune and test his skills against the creatures of the wilderness. He dreams of visiting the famed Sora’s Redoubt and one day returning to Haven in triumph. Rebuilding the home that was so cruelly taken from him.