User: Krak3n
Race: Goblin
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class: Fighter
Krak is a warrior, a small blue warrior.  Hardly intimidating at only 3 feet tall, he makes up for his stature in raw goblin power. With small tusks protruding up from his maw and large ears flanking both sides of his head the only way he is able to move about from town to town is with his cloak wrapped tight and speaking very little.
Krak had no business leaving his cave, it was simply out of boredom. He grew tired of waiting for the adventures to come in looking for treasure... Foolish parties, didn't they know the loot to be found was from the adventurers before them? If they sought increased power, it's best to be found among the living, not those already fallen.

Gathering up a bit of the armor and supplies he saw others carrying, minus frivolous things like a latern or torches, Krak ventured out to find what other caverns had to offer. Surely there were goblin colonies much larger and powerful than his own. Well, he found them, and they cared for him as much as he cared for those foolish enough to invade his former home. Goblins are mischievous at best, and not hospitable in the least.

Narrowly escaping the neighboring hordes and rejected as an outsider from his birth-kin, Krak now seeks adventure the only way he can. With a party of those like minded in his hate of Goblin-kind and a love of things shiny and rare.
Ex-Communicated Goblin Warrior. (4)
Evasive Little Backhanded Cuss (3)
"Meat-is-Meat" Goblin Culinary Apprentice (2)
Part-Time Treasure Appraiser and Connoisseur. (1)