User: Senia
Race: Water Genasi
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric/Entropomancer
U'relloth is a high ranking cleric who worships the Lord of Madness known as the Deep Drake. She is looking to help the party find the Deep Drake and rescue it from/remind it to stop eating Aboleths.

She is slightly taller than the average human and has a somewhat muscular build. Her skin is light blue with aqua markings. She has yellow fish-like eyes and finned ears. Where most humanoids have hair she has a mass of tentacles that run along her skull.

When dressing for battle or adventuring she wears mithral full-plate that has been tinted a silvery blue. She has had the symbol of the Deep Drake emblazoned on both the belt and center of the chest piece.

When above water and not dressed in her full armor, she wears a chain shirt, hooded robe, and belted tabard.

U'relloth is usually not seen with out one or more of her followers. The most commonly seen being Narthoden, a planar ranger and fellow Water Genassi.

Her demeanor is usually brooding or sarcastic, though she has been known to laugh or smile at may of the things her fellow party members have said.
U'relloth was born underwater and has lived amongst other aquatic races most of her life. She was born to a family of commoners who were both confused by and proud of her talent for philosophy as a child.

When she was twelve years old she visited the land walkers for the first time. This was the first time she had spent extended time in the sun, and something about this place bothered her. In the sea it was dark and brutal, and those who were not strong or clever died. The land seemed so forgiving that it was some how hollow to her. This world was a fragile lie.

When she returned home she began to examine the world around her, both chaotic and beautiful. It was not long before she joined the church of the Deep Drake and ascended it's rank quickly. Her fast thinking mind and force of personality made others flock to her.

Narthoden her ranger was assigned to her as a guide and protector. Though she has now grown stronger than him, she still sees him as her closest sibling under the Deep Drake. Their relationship is not marked by any particular tenderness or conversation, it is more that the two have a mutual understanding of their situation, very small fish in a very deep sea.
Planar Ranger