User: Babel
Race: Human (Dhampyr)
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Battlerager Fighter/1
Marius strikes most as a very imposing figure. Tall for a human, Marius moves with purpose and a certain grace that belies a man of his build. He wears his heavy, dark, armor like a second skin, including his spauldars and high-collared cloak, which is seemingly designed to look as intimidating as it is functional. His armor is accented in silver, and while it appears to be in very good shape, a closer inspection will reveal that is seems to be very old. Often his wide-brimmed hat rests on his dark-brown shoulder length hair, which might serve to explain his slightly pale complexion, if not for several other distinguishing characteristics. Marius denies having any fey blood, but often people wonder, as he possesses a slight tapering of the ears and unusual red-splotched, piercing eyes. Just as his hat is always within arm's reach, so is "Sange Monstenitor", his greataxe.

While this paints a most intimidating picture, one which Marius does his best to propagate, those who interact with him often find that he is mostly an agreeable fellow, though he always comes off as either bored, tired, distant, or some combination there of. Often, after Marius leaves, those he spent time with can't really remember why they were so eager to please him, other then "It just seemed like I really wanted to make him happy." This strange, some would say unnatural, charisma extends to the fairer sex, as well. Marius always seems to have a willing bedfellow, whether it's an old flame or a hot new one.

Those made of sterner stuff say that Marius radiates the power and danger of an alpha male. Others still, speak of his deeds as both honorable and valliant, while whispering about his blood lust and cruelty.
"I will not serve people who are more then happy to throw me to the wolves at the first opportunity they get! After all that we did for this place, these people, they treat us like criminals, and you're defending them!" Marius' usually calm exterior has long ago melted away, even his normally self-controlled fangs were fully bared in anger. "If you change your mind, come find me; otherwise leave me alone." Marius growled out, barely able to control his anger, his voice only softening at the end of his proclamation. Sophie started to reach out and stop him, but hesitated, she knew that once Marius made up his mind there would be no changing it. Pausing at the door, Marius called back over his shoulder, "For what it's worth, I wish...I wish things were different, and that we...goodbye Sophie."

That was the last memory Marius has of his homeland. After the Council of Twelve ordered The Seven sealed, Marius tried to convince the others to fight the council or flee with him, but none would budge, not even his fiance. Marius walked out of his homeland about fifty years ago and his not returned since.

During his years of wandering he has tried to live a life that makes the sacrifices of the people he knew and loved before the Bloody Kythorn worth while, but after trying so hard, for so long, and not being able to change the world, he has grown disillusioned and quietly bitter. In addition, his inability to weaken or break the seal on him has turned a soldier who once trained near religiously into a laissez faire traveler. Often he enters situations as the reluctant hero, though it doesn't take too much to convince him if someone can inspire or surprise him.

In his many years of traveling, Marius has been a member of many groups and organizations, although because of his tendency to wander and lose focus he has never been granted a high ranking. Included among these groups are: an honorary member of the Knights Templar, an agent of the Crown (of Nerath), and many others.

Lately, Marius has been traveling the roads near Hestavar, helping pilgrims and the locals. Despite the situation it feels like business as usual for Marius, even after a close call with a bar maid accusing him of being a vampire after seeing bit marks on the previous evening's companion.Which Marius simply refuted by simply walking out into the morning sun. Sometimes, the ignorance of all the people around Marius was actually more useful then it was humorous.
Sange Monstenitor also know as "Blood Heir" is nearly as tall as Marius and just as sharp. Marius claims that the axe was a "mark of station" a "very long time ago". Though he wont go beyond that. What is known is that it is a powerful blade able to withstand years of service with Marius. Those who have witnessed it in battle say that as the fighting ensued they were not sure whether the axe or its wielder was the more bloodthirsty one.