"The world has a natural order, the unatural is not a part of that."
User: Jason
Campaign: KERYL
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class: Druid
Concept Eco Warrior

Demeanor Distracted Teacher, Indiana Jones?

Appearance Cerebral and absent minded with an extremely good bone structure under the facial hair.
The wayward son of a interspecies union in a travelling circus, Seraph never felt like he belonged. He never enjoyed the ridicule and snide remarks of people belittling him (for his situation) or his parents chosen vocation. It wasn't until he ran away that he found himself in the wilderness as a Druid. Now with a clear definition of who is set in his mind he has set out to cleanse his world of the unatural, be it in a dark forest or a bustling city.
WIS 17*
CHA 13
STR 09
DEX 17 (+1 racial mod)
CON 09 (-1 racial mod)
INT 17*

Hit Points: 7
AC: 13 (dex 2; leather coat 1)
Level: 1
Gold: 9

Half Elf:
Empathy, +2 CHA check
Move Silently, +2 Move Silently DEX check
Spot Hidden Doors, +1 WIS check
Attribute Check Bonus, +2 (human linage) check
Spell Resistance, +4 Charm spell like effect resistance

Oil Flask x 3
Waterskin x 1
Wolfsbane x 1
Backpack x 1
Flint Steel x 1
Shoes x 1
Leather Coat x 1 (+1 AC)
Lantern x 1
Hemp Rope x 2
Rations x 1 (week)
Bow Strings x 5

Short Bow 1d6
Arrows (x60)
Broad Sword 2d4
Staff 1d6