"I am the bulw... No wait... I am the fire. I am the dragon. I am the only thing that stands between you and the chaos."
User: Sam
Campaign: Tomb of Horrors
Race: Pixie
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Monk/16
Physical Descrition
Kindleflare (Kin), as is typical of many Pixies, looks like an Eladrin that has been shrunken down in size to about 6 inches in height. She is proportioned just like an adult Eladrin woman though she is possibly more muscular than the average. Her hair looks like a candle flame at times, and her eyes, like an Eladrin, have no pupils.

As a Pixie, Kin, has wings. They look similar to those of the luna moth found in the southern part of the Nentir Vale.

Her clothing is simple. Other than the dagger and kama she carries, she does not appear to have any possessions.

Kin's mental state and emotions is a constantly changing ball of chaos that she struggles to contain. Her many years in the City of Brass have affected her in this way. Though she generally succeeds in containing her chaotic side outside of battle, when she is fighting Kin channels that raw chaos into her attacks.

That said, although she can be thoughtful and calculating, she often convinces herself that her whims are the result of measured thought and wise decision making when they are merely whims.
Kindleflare hatched from her egg in the study of Ulmoth, Efreeti Grandmaster of the Order of the Burning Sand. A monastic (and militant) organization in the City of Brass.

When Ulmoth first laid eyes on the tiny Kindleflare he breathed a heavy sigh. He had been cheated by that Eladrin. He promised that this egg would grow larger and from it would hatch a dragon. Instead, this tiny fey creature emerged.

Using his monastic training, he calmed his anger, and held the tiny creature in his hand. "Little creature, I will teach you. Little Dragon, you will learn." And so Kindleflare's monastic training began. At first, she did not take to it, and despite his frustrations, Ulmoth continued to teach her. He did not reveal her existence to anyone. She was his pet. Kin was kept in a magical bird cage he had constructed for her. For those looking at it, it looked like a bird was inside the cage. If Kin spoke, it sound like chirping.

This went on for several years... Ulmoth teaching the pixie in secret.

As is common in the City of Brass an attempt was made on Ulmoth's life. If it were not for Kindleflare's timely alarm, and her subsequent assistance against the assailants, Ulmoth would surely by dead or worse.

"Little Dragon, you have done well by me today. What is it that you wish?" Generally speaking when an Efreeti or a Djinni offers a wish it is unwise to take it, but Kindleflare didn't know any better. She could barely contain herself, the laughter was so intense.

Ulmoth grew nervous at this laughter... "Speak, Little Dragon."

"I wish to never live inside of a cage for the rest of my days."

Ulmoth grinned, this was an easy wish to grant. Ulmoth gave Kin one stipulation, you must still remain secret. No one must know of you. So the magic that existed on the birdcage he transferred to her. While this enchantment only affects her in the City of Brass, there are times when creatures of the Elemental origin mistake her for a small bird. However, when they look again, they see the pixie.

And so more years passed with Efreeti continuing to teach the Pixie. She was allowed to leave the monastery and run errands. Ulmoth used Kin as a spy many times. She would perch somewhere and listen in on conversations. Very few ever noticed her, and when they did, they saw a bird... for such was the power of the magics upon her.

But no magic is perfect, and there is always someone that can see things as they truly are. And so one day, Kin was followed back to the monastery by an invisible fellow with great power. This invisible fellow was an air elemental. He remained hidden as Kindleflare reported what she saw to Ulmoth.

Unfortunately, for Ulmoth, his Little Dragon had overheard the wrong conversation... and the Air Elemental struck with a power and ferocity that left Ulmoth stunned and confused. Eventually, this Air Elemental defeated Ulmoth. Kindleflare's attacks on the Air Elemental were useless. She might as well have been trying to get past the defenses of a god.

When the battle was over, a portal was opened. The Air Elemental stepped through it. Kindleflare left the room to try and tell someone of the fall of Ulmoth, but all anyone saw was an annoying bird. One individual even tried to attack her. So, she returned to the room, the portal remained open... and she stepped through.