"And then I think, 'what if that were me?' It keeps me straight."
Campaign: Marvel It Is
Race: Apparently not Hume
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class: Tankish scrapper
Morgan is always interested in gaining new experiences and is curious about how the world (or the multiverse for that matter) works. Most of the time she feels she is in over her head but she believes this is the world's way of letting her know she has still a lot to learn.

She is determined to find a path for herself beyond the choices the Hand and the Chaste have to offer her, and will always strive to use her gifts in a creative rather than destructive manner. Although she is currently experiencing some difficulty accepting that she might not be who or what she thinks she is, she will never let that get in the way of who she wants to be: a person who through her actions inspires others to believe in the ideals that she herself holds dear.

She would only ever harm a person to prevent greater harm to others, never out of spite. Morgan's willingness to see good in almost anyone is arguably her greatest flaw. She takes all her obligations very seriously but won't let anything compromise her private sense of justice. She rejects the notion of material wealth and personal possessions, thinking it silly to obsess over such transient things.
Morgan's childhood was spend fighting the dark urges of the voices in her head. Relief came only when master Chen Fan Liu, an old acquaintance of her father, offered to educate her at his Tibetan monastery. On arrival the voices vanished, and Morgan finally could be herself.

The monastery was a stronghold of the Chaste, a group of warrior monks who dedicate their lives to the struggle against a demonic order of assassins known as the Hand. Being an outsider, it was quite a shock when after a mere three years of training master Liu bestowed the title of 'Chosen One' upon Morgan, indicating she would be the Chaste's champion for the generation to come.

The heretofore undisputed favourite for the title, her best friend Feng Hsüeh-liang, went mad with shame and envy and sided with the Hand, who used him to gain covert entrance to the monastery. In the confrontation that followed the Hand emerged triumphant, but they were unable to prevent Morgan from escaping.

Master Liu's last words to her had urged her to seek out master Stone, somewhere in far away New York. After months of travel she finally arrived, and it is here that she found her true calling, as a member of a group of friends that would come to be known as The eXceptionals.

(for a more detailed telling of the tale, go here)
Affilitation: The eXceptionals
Rank: First Lieutenant
Secret Identity: Nemesis (or The Malignant)

F Mo     63     Health: 115/153
A Gd     8       Magic Points: 50
S Gd     8       Initiative: -2 (-3 Spec.)
E In      36     Resources: Gd
R Gd     8       Popularity: 33 (40)
I Rm     26
P Ex     16

Waters that Envelop the World, Gd (Rm in Water form)
Blood of the Phoenix, Am
Realization of Equivalent Manifestations, In
Four Stages of Becoming, In
Karmic Release, In

Martial Arts (A, D, E); Oriental Weapons; Weapon Specialist (Bokken/Katana, Claws); Shield Fighting; Trance; Artist (Brush and Ink Painting); First Aid; Trivia (Precious Gems and Minerals); Language (Tibetan)

Friendly contacts:
Stone (Mystic Arts, member of the Chaste)
Moguta (Ivalician Black Magician, a Moogle)
Lady Ivana (Ivalician Master Summoner)
Matt Murdock (Lawyer, Daredevil)

Hostile contacts:
The Hand
The uneXceptionals
The End

Complete character sheet: Nemesis
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