The Journal of Robin Rivers

What am I doing?
It's all been moving too fast. So much has happened... and I'm not sure even what day it is. Was it only yesterday? I'm so damn tired everything is starting to feel like a dream. A nightmare.

the day even started a little weird : I got called in to spend the whole day emptying out a local supermarket to the bare walls, "because it needed to be fumigated." Whatever, the pay was good, even if I had stayed up too late at the neighborhood 4th of July party. But it was exhausting, and confusing. Back and forth across the town a dozen times, it seemed like. Ran into a couple of neighbors -- I think the camping nut and the kid from across the street -- looking to buy some stuff in bulk. Maybe they're planning a camping trip together. That'd be cool. But it's so busy, I couldn't really talk. In fact, we went over the 8 hour shift. Lots of OT today, but it left me pretty exhausted. People think driving all day is easy!

Got home and took a shower, and started to feel human again. I was about to call for a pizza, when the power went out. (I think that's when -- it's all so fuzzy.) There was a commotion outside that sounded like a brawl. Someone screamed. I grabbed a flashlight, and then I got my gun from the glove compartment. I have a carry permit, because I'm out on the road alone a lot, and while we've come a long way, baby, it's still not always safe to be a woman alone. I was thinking that there had been riots and looting in New York and other places, and while it seemed unlikely, it's better to be ready.

That was when all hell broke loose.

There was a lot of shouting, and the lady from down the street seemed to be wrestling with one of the guys from further down. People were yelling and trying to separate them but seemed scared to get too close. I caught a glimpse of her face and understood why: there was a dark stain all down her chin and over the front of her nightgown, and her eyes were... flat. Dark and empty. I told myself that it was a trick of the light. Then I saw what she was clutching in her hand. Dear God. That had to be a doll's arm. Right?

She turned away from the light and pounced on the poor guy, bearing him to the ground. It looked like she was
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