User: Ando
Race: Genasi
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Swordmage/Coronal Guard/Unyielding Sentinel/21
Patryn is a Windsoul Genasi - which means his skin is silver, and the energy lines running all over his body are light blue. He has glowing blue and gray ice crystal spikes in place of hair on his head.
Patryn grew up most of his life knowing he was destined to be a part of the strike team foretold by the legendary gold dragon Aulesha. He grew up training hard to be a productive member of the team, focusing on defense tactics and making sure his comrades were protected.

And then, with mere weeks to go before the time to go forth and probably die in glorious battle, Patryn was injured during training, laid up in convalescence. He missed the most rigorous training, and when Aulesha returned to take her Genasi army to fight Orcus, Patryn had to stay behind. Now, with most of his friends presumed dead, Patryn is dealing with survivor's guilt.
With the party chasing down the remnants of the strike team that Aulesha hired from his people, Patryn saw a chance to either redeem himself in the eyes of his people or die trying. He has determined that he will stay with the party and find out what happened to his friends, even though they seem to get into trouble that is a bit over his head.

Patryn tries hard to protect these newfound allies, as they were the first to really offer any kind of help he cared to accept. Rather than stale platitudes or medication, they are allowing him to put his own life on the line for the love of his people.

Even Patryn himself doesn't know what he will do if and when he fulfills his current mission. But at least he no longer feels like a coward.