Mazragore Gelspunth

"There are two things I can't abide: loud mouths and wasting bullets. But sometimes you gotta do one to solve the other."
User: Senia
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Female
Class: Gunslinger
Maz is small for a half-orc, big for anything else. She has greenish gray skin, a noticeable fanged underbite, and yellowish eyes. Her ears are slightly less pointy than a full orcs, and her muscle mass is more like that of an archer, than of a hammer wielding warrior.

She is currently wearing a white poncho she received from a spell caster named Jennifer over a chain shirt she was given by a magical fountain construct. Aside from this she wears leather gloves, spurred boots, and riding pants. Around her neck is tattered red handkerchief, and she is wearing a wide brimmed hat.

Two belts of ammunition are strapped around her chest, and a rifle hangs from her shoulder. A white cord is wrapped around her arms, and a waist belt carries various odds and ends.

She is accompanied by a dark brown mare with white patches.