Glimwick Galgazad

User: Babel
Campaign: Endless Horizons
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard/3
Glimwick Galgazad stands at a proud 3'8", his medium-length, spiked blond hair doing little to add to his stature. Rectangular spectacles sit half way down his nose, giving him the look of a scholar. Depending on need he also travels with a pointy wizard hat and a worn pair of tinted goggles. When on business or working he wears an exquisite crimson robe, which is accented with gold; the folds of which seems to move in a mesmerizing pattern. His waist supports a work belt adorned with various sized pouches and holsters. Over one shoulder he lugs an over sized satchel containing his spell book and traveling gear. Hanging from the satchel is an odd looking device consisting of a slightly green-glowing tube and an odd woven attachment. Often in his hand is a staff of twisted wood, the top looks to be ancient roots.
In his youth, Glimwick survived by joining together with other orphans forming a group that would spend their time working on shady salvage operations and "liberating" goods. This all came to a crashing (and explosive) end when the group was hired to steal a tome from the White Lotus Academy, ending in Glimwick's friends abandoning him and fleeing back to their ship. Just as that chapter of his life closed, another opened. Impressed by the brash young hedge wizard's use of illusions and mastery of his limited cantrips, the headmaster offered to sponsor his enrollment to the school.

In an amazingly short six years (tying the school record) Glimwick graduated with honors. He had spent his time pioneering and mastering the art of arcane illusion to a level not heard of since the sundering. Illusion magic is often seen as something for parlor tricks and cheap shows, not real applicable magic. Glimwick hopes to show that his magic is just as good as any other school.

During his graduation however, a series of strange occurrences took place resulting in Glimwick learning of a dark secret, one that still haunts him in his in-ability to deal with it. It was this knowledge that lead Glimwick to take a sabbatical to hone his skills and ready himself to face an opponent that he may not be able to defeat.

Recently, Glimwick has been doing minor missions for the guild while trying to put together money to further his research and continue his travels, all the while keeping one eye open for danger and one ear open for opportunity.
Tangle the Earthroot Staff - Given to Glimwick as a reward for a difficult mission he did for the guild on Heartland. The staff looks like a simple wooden rod topped by a ball of gnarled roots, that is until magic is woven through the staff. As soon as magic is channeled thought the staff the roots come alive, almost as if helping to grasp Glimwick's targets.

Ruffle! - A cloak of Glimwicks own making. It reacts as soon as danger arrives, billowing up and blowing up in the most erratic manner to help conceal the wearer's actual position. He received top marks for its creation.

Crimson Robe of the Journeyman - Most members of Athenaeum wear robes styled in a similar style, but each is created for the wearer with their particular style and strengths in mind. Glimwick had a hand in creating a robe that would take advantage of his mastery of illusion while still providing him with superior defenses.