Hanna Solona

"Never ask a boy to do a woman's job"
User: Rob
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Corsair/2
Tall average build, long red hair green eyes. Always has a smile on her face like she knows something you don't.
Likes to dress with tight fitting clothes, preferably leather, and always wears something red to complement her atired.
Daughter of a dockside whore, she never knew who her father was. Her early childhood was unpleasant on the best days, out right hell the rest of the time. At the age of 6 she finally got managed to get hired on a deck cleaning boy and never looked back. An old sea dog by the name of "John the Crow" took her under his wing and over the next two years taught her the ways of the sea. John was the first person that was good to her, but he got himself killed defending her honor from a drunk captain that discovered she was a girl. she barely escaped by jumping overboard and swimming to shore.
She used her sorrow and hate as fuel and taught herself how to fight and vowed to find Captain Erwin Magott when she was good enough to exact her revenge.

By the time she reached puberty the skill she learned out of necessity at first became a well honed craft that she enjoyed using on anyone that would make the mistake of underestimating her.

Later at the age of 16, she met Mathew a young bartender and passionate Brewer. They relation first started as good friends but soon became lovers. She learned the intricate craft of brewing through Mathews passion which turned out as a huge boon on her sailing trips as it earning her a lot of clout aboard ship as the crew's supplier of ale and rum.
Together they mustered the money to take over an old inn and tavern called the Fair Wings Inn, and worked hard to make it successful. Owning the Fair Winds Inn also turned out to be a great source of information. She heard found out that Captain Erwin Magott has turn
pirate and is now known as "The Plague" and captains the Sea Hag.

On her return of her last cruise which was delayed a few weeks due to serious damage sustained during a storm, she arrived home to discover the tavern had been acquired by a loan shark and her lover was dead, his body left to rot with the discarded fish.
Race: human
Str 17 (15+2) con 14 dex 14 int 13 wis 10 char 10

Class: Corsair lvl 2
HP: 13 (10+2CON+1FavoredClass)

Trait: dockside brawler (+1 dmg with brass knuckles)
storm runner (+1 Acrobatics on moving/uneven ground)
lvl 1 skills and feat picks:
Profession: sailor (bonus skill)
Profession: brewer (bonus skill)
Skills: swim, acrobatics, climb, Knowledge Engineering.
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Weapon Focus (Cutlass), Dodge

lvl 2 skills and feat picks:
Profession: sailor (bonus skill)
Craft : weapons (bonus skill)
skills: swim, acrobatics, Knowledge Dungeoneering, Survival
feat: Cleave (automatic from Corsair class no neg to AC when used).