"Para La Republica"
User: Johnny
Campaign: Cabbage Fashioner
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Monk/3
Born in Varisa, Silvio grew up traveling the area with his family's troupe of entertainers.His father the strong man and his mother an acrobat, he grew up learning both strength and agility. However, as he came of age he started to notice the world around him. He saw people tied to the land, not out of choice but out of servitude to Kings, Dulcies, Barons and Lords. He learnt the word for such things: Tyranny.

Silvio left his troupe in search of Andoran, a land he had heard was free. He went there and learnt of the people's history, of the Revolt of the People and the ways of election. He saw that representation of the people could be done and even flourish! However, whilst travelling north in Andoran he came across a limber mill. There he saw oppression on the scale of tyranny. A wicked man, Kreed ruled the town not as a king but as a 'business owner'. Using wealth and power, the lumber consortium had the people controlled not with iron but with gold.

Silvio de Guerra made an oath that day, that one day he would create a land with no kings and no tyrants. When travelling northwards, intent on returning once again to Varisia, Silvio heard of the happenings in the River Kingdoms. He heard there was a great area, untouched by tyrants, uncontrolled by kings that needed help in restoration. Silvio knew this was a rare oppurtunity indeed. He altered his course from NW to NE and enlisted to help Brevoy restore order.

When order is restored however, Silvio hopes to create a place free of kings, devoid of tyrants.

The revolution starts now.