User: Vriden
Campaign: A Harsh Mistress
Race: 1/2 Elf (Grey)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter/2
Speckles stands an imposing 6'4" tall, a trait of his Grey Elf heritage. He is distinguished by his odd skin coloring - a patchwork of human skin coloration 'speckled' with patches of the Grey Elf distinctive grey skin. His eyes are a luminescent pale purple with flecks of blue, while his hair is a silvery blond cascade he keeps long and tied back. His tall frame is very muscular. Having received no formal education, he prefers action over thought and spends little time thinking great thoughts, although he does have a good grasp of tactics in a fight.
"Speckles" is the only name this half-elf warrior goes by. His birth name only his mother occasionally calls him, as it sets him off to be reminded of his degenerate father. Prowess at defending himself due to his birthright led him to the join the city militia, where he gathered enough training to gain employment amongst the noble families as a man-at-arms.
Unfortunately, Speckles found himself associated with another drunken noble with poor gambling luck. After traveling with his employer to Kern, Speckles found himself soon unemployed as Lord Garreck lost a small fortune.
When Councilor Luathanial Galanidari was exiled from the High King's court and the entirety of elven lands were turned against him, his only refuge came in the human lands. In his despair at his disgrace, he filled his days with wine and his nights with gambling his dwindling coin away and dreams of returning one day to his home. That, and a willing human serving wench who somehow found his penchant for overwrought emotion and angst attractive enough to share her bed. When she revealed to him he would have a son, he promptly drank himself to death. Speckles never knew the grey elf that fathered him on his mother, so he hates all of the tall elves irrationally.