User: Thomas
Campaign: Cabbage Fashioner
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Lukas's earliest memories are of living in poverty on a tenant farm with his mother and grandparents in rural Rostland. From an early age he was taught woodcraft and farming and soon found he possessed an affinity with the animals, much more so than with people. His lack of father meant that he was an oddity in the community, isolating him from the other children.

As time passed he found himself drawn more and more to the forests and the wilds and gained skills in hunting and survival. His mother tragically passed of a winter flu but not before reveiling the true identity of his father, a noble of house lebeda his mother had once served as a housemaid. Upon her death he left to find his father and get answers. He got neither, with only a message from his father saying that "Bastard's are not welcome in this house".

Luka's lost his way in life, wandering aimlessly across the country living off the land, honing his woodcraft as well as earning a reputation as a bounty hunter, hunting down lawbreakers that no others could find. He had little drive in life until that is he heard of the Brevoy expedition into the stolen lands, and of the oppertunities available for those brave enough to seize them.

With a new purpose in life Lukas joined the expedition in the hopes of leaving his past behind, and perhaps gain a new future.