User: thexblade
Campaign: Mher: A City
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Dragon Shaman/5+1?
Age 22. Weight 160. Height 6'2''.
Eyes Purple
Hair Blonde
Grew up in the city as a regular commoner. Worked for his money by doing odd jobs. Usually distant around people, espesially the authorities because of his unique gift.

Leo, as his old friends used to call him, was very active in his youth. His nickname used to be "Dragoon", a legendary warrior who could move at fast speeds and jump high distances in order to gain advantage in combat in the return attack. The main reason Leo was nicknamed Dragoon was because of his huge facination in dragons. Even though many disregard the existence of dragons. Leodak believed truly that they existed and was determined to know all about them.

By the age of 15, Leodak started to realize that his somewhat devotion towards dragons has created some sort of power inside of him. He started to notice that he had an increase in skill and started to realize that a feint aura was surrounding him. He hid this fact from his parents afraid of what they may do to him. His parents were stern believers in the fact that magic was a terrible thing and shouldn't exist. Leo moved away from his parents first chance he had for fear of his parents turning him in to the authorities or worse.

Now living alone in the city, Leodak started making a living as a librarian so that he could study dragons and be at peace with himself without worrying about his parents suspecting him of his strange powers.

While working in the library, Leodak made a shocking discovery of an ancient order of men who controlled the power of dragons. The book explained that the "Dragon Shamans" gained their power through the dragon that they worshiped. Their power continues to increase with training and gaining of power. Inside the book listed dragons according to color and chromatic. Mainly two tribes fought for land and power, both led by the strongest of their group. A red dragon shaman and a silver dragon shaman. In the end as like all children stories the good guys win with the silver dragon shaman standing tall. Leodak came to the conclusion that his favorite dragon would be silver.

Later in his life the mages have found out of his existence but did not give great deal of care to capture him immediately so the town guards now watch the streets for Leodak in order to capture him and take him away. Leo now has to live in the underground sewers in order to keep a safe haven for himself and to keep his powers that he is now determined to master.

Str ( 16 ) Fort - 5
Dex ( 16 ) Refl - 4
Con ( 12 ) Will - 4
Int ( 12 )
Wis ( 10 ) AC ( 18 )
Cha ( 15 )

Hp ( 43 / 43 )

BAB - 3

Feats: ( Trait - Shaky )
- Power Attack
- Dodge
- Combat Reflexes
- Skill Focus: Jump

- Two Weapon Fighting
- Alertness
- Cleave

Special Abilities:

( 1 ) Appraise
( 3 ) Balance
( 4 ) Bluff
( 5 ) Climb
( 1 ) Concentration
( 2 ) Diplomacy
( 2 ) Disguise
( 3 ) Escape Artist
( 1 ) Forgery
( 2 ) Gather Information
( 0 ) Heal
( 3 ) Hide
( 2 ) Intimidate
( 18 ) Jump
( 4 ) Knowledge Nature
( 2 ) Listen
( 3 ) Move Silently
( 3 ) Ride
( 4 ) Search
( 0 ) Sense Motive
( 4 ) Spot
( 3 ) Swim
( 3 ) Use Rope