Gilbert Nimblefingers

"I'll just go see if i can catch some fish for dinner...."
User: Fantell
Campaign: The Wilder Coast!
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Rogue/1
small even for one of his race, Gilbert has a ready smile and a disarming manner about him, often conversing with the others and often busy with chores around the camp, repairing gear and minding the food over the fire while others do more of the heavier lifting and harder work...
Gilbert, born and raised in the city of <city>, was a bit of a problem child. You see, His mother was a seamstress of some renown, and his father worked closely with her as a cobbler, the two of them often working together to provide the gowns and slippers for the noble patrons that frequented their store.
This was not to his liking, as he was expected to study under his mother and father to be able to join them in the family business, and eventually take it over.
No, this was not to his liking at all, for though he showed a great aptitude for the work, he prefered to spend his days running through the streets with his friends, a gang of children that accepted him as their own, almost a mascot for them, though he did not realise that until he was much older.
As the lads grew older, they turned from harmless pranks and stealing the occasional bit of fruit to more serious crimes, which Gilbert, still being very young for a halfling, took as no more serious than the pranks they had always pulled. He learned quickly, discovering that his hands, quick with a needle in his mothers workroom, were equally as quick with a lockpick or the drawstring of a heavy purse.
This went on for some years and his skills combined with his small stature provided the gang with entry to many places they otherwise would not have been able to enter.
Finally, one day it all came to a head, when the oldest members of the gang were caught in the house of an official of the town and were arrested.
Gilbert, having finally started to grow into a teenager, realised his guilt in the matter and was horror struck that his mother and father would find out about his activities out of their watchful gaze.
In that moment when he realised how this news would effect them, he knew it would also ruin them, hurting their livelyhood and decided there that he had to eave his home.
Leaving nothing but a note Gilbert left home, young and unsure of the world, making his way from town to town, sometimes stealing what he needed, and sometimes working, sewing torn clothes and fixing shoes that needed mending in exchange for a bed or warm meal.

this was his life for some years, never really able to settle down anywhere, always moving, until he met on his travels a Dwarf by the name of Philbont Clearwater, A strange fellow who would travel every year from his dwarven home and wander the lands selling his toys to everyone who wanted one.
Gilbert took a liking to the Dwarf, who would share his horse and his food with the diminutive halfling, and slowly a friendship developed between them.
Oft-times Gilbert would wait for the dwarf on the road, knowing he would be coming sooner or later, and simply join with him in his travels for a time.
over the years, they grew to know each other fairly well, and Gilbert began teaching the curious dwarf some tricks of his trade, who took it as a challenge and delighted in besting the halfling at his own game when the opportunity arose...


Str ( 07 ) ( 13 )Pet/Poi/Deathmagic      -1 to hit
Dex ( 17 ) ( 12 )Petrification/Polymorph +1 Thac0 ranged
Con ( 14 ) ( 10 )Rods/Staves/Wands       -2 AC
Int ( 13 ) ( 16 )Breath Weapons         88% Sys Shock
Wis ( 11 ) ( 11 )Spells                 92% Resurrection Survival
Cha ( 12 )

Hp ( 10 / 10 )

Thac0 - 21
Ranged Thac0 - 19
xp 1813
Special Abilities:
- Surprise 90' gain surprise on a 1-4/6, (1-2/6 if door/screen involved)
- Infravision 60ft
- Detect Grade of passage on a 1-3/4
- Determine Direction 1-2/4
- Backstab +4 to hit (x2 damage)

thieves cant