Vladamir Heavyhammer

"Shut up or I'll cut off your feet with my hammer."
User: Saylor
Gender: Male
A massive man slightly larger than 7 feet tall. Aged 20 with a heavy build. A little big in the midsection but years of working his fathers forge have built him into a strong man. Unkept dark brown hair and a gruff and greasy beard coating his face. With a missing eye that he doesn't bother to cover, the patches are uncomfortable and he likes the intimidation factor that it offers. His hammer and his tools are his prized possession as they are family heirlooms. Can be very care free for his appearance. When it comes to his possessions or his friends and family he becomes very serious. His fighting skill is not something to scoff at and his large hammer is unable to be wielded by most men. His goal in life is to be able to forge valyrian steel. Hoping that this will rise his family name and he will be able to set up a brighter future for his descendents.
Growing up with a father that loved the drink a little more than his own eldest was hard on Vladimir. From a young age his father began teaching him their families art in the blacksmith. One night Vladimir was practicing his sword making when he accidentally used some metal that was to be used by his father to make a sword for a wealthy man. When his father came in and saw what was happening he flew into a drunken frenzy. Beating Vladimir and burning out his left eye with a hot poker. His child hood filled with beatings and hours in the forge. His brother escaped most of their fathers rage because he looked so much like their mother. Who died shortly after giving birth to Greggory, Vladimir's younger brother. When his father would drunkenly pass out Vladimir would often sneak out and try to play with other children but they mostly avoided him. His only friend being the heir Johan and even that was a very one sided friendship. Vladimir became an amazing blacksmith. Finding solace in the art and using it as his only escape from his father. When his father died he took it as his chance to escape and make a name for himself and his family using the only skills that he knows. He swore himself to Johan hoping that would allow him the opportunities to master his craft.