User: Jade Trithen
Race: Elf (Gauntlin)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Veteran Medium/1
Bullzeye is a very tall elf -- 5' 8". He is 80 years old, weighs 120 lbs., has blonde hair, and blue eyes.
Orginally from southern part of the Gauntlin Forest, Bullzeye currently resides in Melinir. This is where is family also resides, a rare elven family that lives in a home in the "city."
Statistics: AC 5; L1; HP 5; MV 60' (20'); #AT 1 (sword, short bow, or spell); THAC0 18 (melee), 19 (missile); D d8+1 (sword) or d6 (short bow) or by spell; STw/STs 13, 15; AL L.
Ability Scores: St 13; In 10; Ws 10; Dx 12; Ch 11.
Languages: 'Common,' 'Lawtongue' (Lawful Alignment Tongue), Elvish ('Gauntlin' Clan dialect); Gnollish, Hobgoblin, Orcish.
General Skills (4): 1) Intimidation (St; 13); 2) animal training (horse/In; 10); 3) snares (In; 10); 4) survival (forest/In; 10).
Spells (in spellbook; 1 L1): L1)
Gear: Scale mail, sword, spell book, short bow (and quiver), and bedroll.