User: Jade Trithen
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Warrior/1
Anon is 5' 9" tall, 18 years old, weighs 150 lbs., has white hair, and blue eyes.
Hailing from a settlement that consists of only a few homesteads, 'Anon' was involved in training, along with some other young warriors, to some day take on the dragon of Thunder Rift that ravages the area of the Bone Hills. Part of his training included learning the Dragon language.
The settlement where Anon is from is in the Lower Great Grasslands; some of his training took place in near and in the Grakken Wood, and some of it was even in the Melinir Hills.
Some day soon, Anon would like to first start taking on and conquering wyverns; then when he is able to accomplish this feat, he will attempt hunting smaller dragons, and eventually move on to taking on the large red dragon of the Bone Hills, if possible. At that time, he may want and will probably use the help of others.
Statistics: AC 6; L1; HP 5; MV 90' (30'); #AT 1; THAC0 18 (melee), 17 (missile); D d6+3 (bastard sword, 1-handed) or d8+3 (bastard sword, 2-handed) or d6+2 (hand axe) or 2d4 (heavy crossbow); STw/STs 14/16; AL N.
Ability Score: St 17, In 17, Ws 15, Dx 16, Co 14, Ch 13.
Languages: 'Common,' "Newtongue" (Neutral Alignment Tongue), Orc, and Goblin.
Special Abilities: Lance Attack, Set Spear vs. Charge.
General Skills (6): 1) Wrestling (St; 17); 2) Healing (In; 17); 3) Blindshooting (Dx; 16); 4) Hunting (In; 17); 5) Tracking (In; 17); 6) Stealth (Mountains/Dx; 16).
Gear: Scale mail, bastard sword, hand axe, and heavy crossbow (w/2 cases for quarrels).