User: Johnny
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Magus/4th
Studying for years in New Stetven, Clint assumed his life would play out in a calming fashion. With a passion for knowledge and the arcane, he slowly worked his way through academic ranks over the course of eighty years.

With the death of his friend, mentor and Archmage of his college, the human Darius, Clint was saddened by his loss. Darius, an unnaturally old age aat death due to his exposure to the arcane secrets over the years was left without family or heir. Written in his last will and testament was one wish, that Clint oversee the donation of his magical artifacts into the care of the college.

Whilst supervising the transportation of the baubles, trinkets, weapons and wonders a small mishap occured which would have greater ramifications than initially thought. Clint damaged a weapon's case and being a careful person, he opened the old casket to make sure it wasn't damaged. It wasn't and the damage to the case was superficial at worst.

That night is when he started to hear the voice.
South. We head to these stolen lands.