User: Brian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Mage (Invoker)
Appearance: Talarn is very tall at six foot three, but he is also very thin due to the hard upbringing he had. His green eyes fairly burn with a keen intelligence. He usually dresses in normal clothes, trying not to give away the fact that he is a mage. His hair is raven black, and he is currently growing it longer to match the new image he is trying to project.

Personality: Cynical, Likeable, Clever. As a former child of the streets, Talarn has a tough, cynical exterior, but there's a good heart underneath it. He doesn't like people who try to bully or take advantage of others. He has a sharp mind and usually can grasp a situation quickly. Despite his cynical outlook on the world, people tend to like him once they get used to him and he loosens up around them. He is discovering that he that he has a passion for the adventuring lifestyle; doing something good and then moving on down the road to the next challenge.

He is driven to rescue his family from poverty, and that thought is almost always on his mind. He does feel guilty sometimes when he is sleeping in a warm bed at an inn knowing that his brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and mother and father are cold and going hungry. But he usually snaps himself out of it, knowing that he is doing the right thing by becoming an adventurer, looking for wealth to make a better life for his family. Once he has gathered enough wealth (about 10,000 gp), he plans to set his family up with some of those funds and invest the rest so that they will be taken care of, and he will be free to pursue his passions; adventure and magic.
History: Talarn Laranov was born the sixth out of seven children in the Poor Quarter of Specularum. His parents were almost always working for coppers, living hand to mouth. When Talarn was old enough he did what he could to help out, as did all of his brothers and sisters, but they never seemed to have enough money to live a decent life. Talarn was always a bright child if not a particularly strong one, and his father somehow got together enough money to put Talarn in school.

The young Talarn was brighter than most of the students in his classes, which led him to be bullied by the older children, but as his father once told him; "You're there to learn, not to fight." So learn he did and when he turned eleven years of age after showing aptitude for magic, Talarn was apprenticed to the Invoker, Selina. He took the surname of Starstorm after seeing a meteor storm one night while studying, and also took some notes to conduct magical research into a spell of the same name when he became more experienced.

Talarn successfully completed his apprenticeship with the strict, demanding mage after five years, and Talarn joined Stillwind and her companions and they journeyed to the remote town of Castellan, investigating rumors of humanoid raids. They were successful in their own raids on the caves the monsters live in, rescuing and gaining a stalwart companion in the wandering monk Terrence.

Motivations/Goals: His one driving thought (aside from staying alive) is to amass enough money to get his family out of the Poor Quarter and into a better part of Specularum. If they complete their current adventure, he plans to return to his neighborhood and move his family into a better part of the city. He also wishes to create a spell after his surname, but knows he has to be much more experienced in order to create it successfully.

Talarn finds out that his father took out a loan of several hundred gold coins to pay for Talarn’s schooling, and as Talarn finds out, the person he took the loan out from is a loan shark from the Radu family, and has been harassing members of Talarn’s family. This has to be stopped.
Armor Class: 10 (6 with Armor spell)

Hit Points: 24

Movement Rate: 12

THAC0: 20 base; 20 with darts and quarterstaff

Attacks per round: 3/2 with quarterstaff, 3/1 with darts.

Special Abilities: +1 to saving throws against invocation/evocation spells, -1 to opponent's saving throws vs. invocation/evocation spells cast by Talarn.

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Ability Scores: Str 12, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 12, Com 14, Per 14.

Weapons of proficiency: quarterstaff (expert), dart.

Non-weapon proficiencies: Spellcraft (13), Dancing (11), Cooking (12), Swimming (10), Riding Land-Based (13), Animal Training (13), Ancient languages (Traladaran, 13).

Equipment: Standard adventurer's gear, quarterstaff, 10 darts.

Magical Items: Wand of Magic Missiles with 34 charges, Wand of Frost with 10 charges.

Spells: 2/2, plus one bonus evocation/invocation spell per spell level.

Spells in Spellbook:

Combat/Tactics: Talarn tends to stay back and cast spells at a foe, but he has been known to attack a foe with his staff for distraction purposes if an ally is in trouble.

Allies/Companions: Norvina Sharp-Axe (NG df F4), Xavier (N hem F4/T5), Terrence (LG hm Mon5), Mistress Selina (LN hf W(Invoker)14; teacher).

Foes/Enemies: None.

Mannerisms: None.

Locales Frequented: Specularum, Penhaligon. When Talarn isn't on the road he likes to be in either the capital city of Specularum or in Penhaligon.