User: Darth
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Level: 1
Fighting: 3 Agility: 4
Melee AV: 7 Melee DV: 35
Intelligence:3 Reflexes: 4
Ranged AV: 7 Ranged DV: 35
Willpower: 4 Prescence: 4
Psychic AV: 8 Psychic DV: 40
Health: 4 Durability: 4
Toughness: 8 Damage Limit: 16
Energy Control: Bolt=4d8 dam, Flight: 16 hexes, Bonding:2d8 dam + target is Immobilised.
Talents: Luck:Once per Encounter pre-roll:Announce: may reroll any or all die - must keep rerolls.
Far Shot:Range penalties reduced by 2d
Aerial Combat +5 to MDV and RDV while flying
Aerial Combat Expert: +1 dice to MAV + RAV while flying +5 to MDV + RDV while flying
Science(Int) (Chemistry):Create and determine chemical substances
Technology (Int) :Build/Repair electronic/Mechanical devices. Disable locks/security systems/repair vehicles. **Handle explosives**Disarm