Mercury Silverlight

"Secrets want to be known."
User: Labouts
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Warlock/6
Mercury is a young (relatively: 52 years old) female gnome with the appearance and mannerisms of a scholar. She keeps her long red hair in a high ponytail and wears thick glasses over her light green eye. She has sharp facial features accented by her gaunt face and long neck.
Mercury has a cheery demeanor the majority of the time; however, when lost in thought her eyes show a deep sadness.
Mercury comes from a long line of gnome astrologers. Her father, "Mars Silverlight", was a rising star in the field due to his research into the Far Realms. Mar wanted to find a way to combat beings from these mysterious planes. Mercury never knew her mother and Mars refused to talk about her.

Mercury was interested in her father's work from a young age. Mars humored her with long rants about the Far Realms, assuming his daughter was too young to understand. In one such rant when Mercury was 9, he mentioned the true name of a star he was studying.

That night Mercury stared at the sky and pretended to have a conversation with the star. To her surprise, the star replied. She heard a voice in her mind promising her power in exchange for being forever attached to the star. Mercury accepted the pact without hesitation and rushed to tell her father.

Mars was heartbroken. In any other situation he would have killed a young warlock on the spot. Instead, he told Mercury that she had one hour to collect her possessions and leave. If he saw her again, he would attack her on sight.

Mercury left her hometown and wandered the wilderness for weeks, barely surviving. She was chased out of more than one forest hamlet before she found Halbrook. There she met a human cleric of Soldrin, Maryam. Maryam was a trusted healing in the village and convinced the townsfolk that Mercury was not evil, despite her pact.

Since then, Mercury has lived with Maryam helping the village while studying her powers to better control them.